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[Map] The Crucible v.3 Pinned File [Map] The Crucible v.3 : Hello all! I am glad to release my final mod for TL 1.... The Crucible v1.0! A SEAMLESS 35 wave survival dungeon. all you do is buy the map from Horus and hit the only lever there at the bottom of t ... [more] (315.5 KB) 09-07-2012 2,128
Starch V2 - Leviathan Starch V2 - Leviathan : This mod adds Starch, a monster hunter to the group of questgivers outside the Shadow Vault. He gives monster kill quests, meaning that he asks you to kill 3 to 7 of a type of monster on each floor of ... [more] (2.16 MB) 07-18-2010 20,440
Epic Boss Maps Epic Boss Maps : i made a mod which basically makes a map filled with boss monsters. you need to be level 20 or higher to play them. you can buy them from the merchant that sells maps in town. they are named Epic ... [more] (11.5 KB) 05-29-2010 15,270
The Destined (Updated Jan.26.2013) The Destined (Updated Jan.26.2013) : The Destined A small child disappears into an abandoned mine opening and her friend cries out for her rescue. However, rescuing the girl proves to be no simple task. Features: A story-centric, fu ... [more] (3.01 MB) 08-22-2010 8,286
Basement Mini-Dungeon 1.2 Basement Mini-Dungeon 1.2 : This mod adds the Basement, a new, single level mini-dungeon that can be accessed from town. It's small dungeon that you can run through in a few minutes, but it's also randomized, so there can be doz ... [more] (606.6 KB) 07-20-2010 8,175
Aegis Maps Volune 3 V04 Aegis Maps Volune 3 V04 : Finally: Aegis Maps volume 4 It includes: 1 new dungeon, Aegis Shrine 4 new chunks that are unique to the Shrine 1 boss room and a new boss, the Mega Imp 5 new monsters; Rune Imp, Scarlet Imp, ... [more] (2.13 MB) 07-17-2010 4,205
[MAP] Charnel House [MAP] Charnel House : Adds a portal to the town that will transport the player to the crypt Charnel House. In it players will find Gideon and his recently deceased friend, Skeet. They have been trapped in the Charnel Hou ... [more] (484.0 KB) 08-26-2010 4,105
[MAP] Lair of the Bonewarden v1.0 [MAP] Lair of the Bonewarden v1.0 : Deep under torchlight, an undead monstrosity has escaped from its prison, slain its captors, and seeks to destroy all of Torchlight. Do you have what it takes to challenge the Bonewarden? This mod ... [more] (740.3 KB) 02-05-2012 3,641
The Horde The Horde : What this mod does: -All stock maps spawn (x5) champion monsters -All stock maps spawn (x10) monsters (37.5 KB) 07-18-2010 3,405
Yirkon's Palace Yirkon's Palace : The Elemental Lord Yirkon is becoming stronger, are you brave enough to rid the lands of his Evil. Only the bravest can venture into his palace and finally his sanctuary to destroy Yirkon. Features ... [more] (4.03 MB) 07-15-2010 2,956
More maps past level 20 More maps past level 20 : Included are more map scrolls other then the palace for 20-???? (Fixed 11/5 for some people) (9.6 KB) 05-29-2010 2,832
Hero Maps+Nightmare Maps+Dragon Cave Hero Maps+Nightmare Maps+Dragon Cave : Are you a fan of Diablo?Are you a fan of WOW?If the answer is "yes". Then I believe you guys will love this MOD :) There are 2 series of maps added to Torchlight in this MOD Tot ... [more] (369.9 KB) 07-14-2010 2,827
Goblin Stronghold V1.05 Goblin Stronghold V1.05 : Description: Goblin Stronghold is a 9-level campaign I have planned out in full. v1.05 contains the first 2 levels, Gate, and Courtyard. More to come. Entrance to this level is located as a port ... [more] (517.8 KB) 07-17-2010 2,622
[MAP] Crypt of No Return [MAP] Crypt of No Return : This is a map that I've been working on and I would love to hear some feedback on it! To see some footage of the map check out my site. The map uses the crypt art assets. The monsters are at the le ... [more] (1.59 MB) 01-25-2011 2,279
Aegis Maps Volume 2 V03 Aegis Maps Volume 2 V03 : Aegis Maps Volume 2: Aegis Ruins This is basically a new level / map pack that includes: 1 new dungeon, Aegis Ruins 4 new Sunken Temple chunks that will also be put into normal circulation duri ... [more] (468.1 KB) 07-15-2010 2,239
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