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Torchlight 1 Mods: Classes

Files in category : Classes
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Jarcho's Class Compilation V1.3 Jarcho's Class Compilation V1.3 : 2011-07-20 Admin Update: This mod is not compatible with HotSpot. We suggest you install the individual class manually and allow HotSpot to merge them, to help with compatibility problems. 2012-01- ... [more] (41.27 MB) 07-20-2010 205,048
Lady Knight v1.03 Lady Knight v1.03 : Includes Lady Knight class - noble warrior with power over light. 20 new items (swords and shields) with 'gothic' look (new meshes and new icons) 2 new wardrobes (starting one and light leather) s ... [more] (6.43 MB) 07-20-2010 48,124
[CLASS] Enchantress Mod [CLASS] Enchantress Mod : www.runicgamesfansite.com/downloads/enchantress3_049.jpg The Enchantress uses the power of ember to attack with deathly magic and summon minions to do her bidding! Version History v3.0 - Aug.12 ... [more] (14.45 MB) 08-03-2010 37,957
Necromancer Necromancer : Here it is finally. Hope you guys like it. For updates or to leave feedback go here. http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=11403 Thread Discussion ... [more] (25.91 MB) 09-17-2010 28,807
GenderMod 2 GenderMod 2 : This mod (as before) allows you to select an alternate gender version of any of the original 3 classes. Valkyrie - Basically a female Destroyer (model = Vanquisher). Gains health and mana the same ... [more] (6.54 MB) 04-18-2011 24,613
King of Torchlight King of Torchlight : "The King of Torchlight is here to solve the problems of his realm!" This mod adds a new class; King. This is my first mod where I tried to modify mesh files and where I put only skills modified o ... [more] (15.14 MB) 03-03-2011 24,237
[CLASS] Ravager, Blade, and Zealot Pet v2.7 [CLASS] Ravager, Blade, and Zealot Pet v2.7 : Enhanced "Destroyer" Class V2.7 cHANGES IN V2.7 I realized the affix file for the power surge skill was not the same one I had planned. updated Power Surge scales more and is a little more powerf ... [more] (10.71 MB) 12-11-2010 21,354
Paladin Paladin : Torchlight Paladin Class Mod v 1.07 September 14, 2010 Most recent update: Version 1.07 is now available (9/14/10). Updates: 1) Added a Whirlwind skill to the Zealot tree. A placeholder skill ... [more] (7.10 MB) 07-20-2010 16,734
[CLASS] Jedi [CLASS] Jedi : Adds a Jedi as a new playable class in TL1. I am only uploading this mod on behalf of a handful of fine modders who collaborated to get this mod finished. Spunedagr (the original author) Robcal ... [more] (10.54 MB) 07-22-2011 16,643
Valkyrie II Valkyrie II : http://www.runicgamesfansite.com/members/phanjam-albums-public-picture4153-valkyrie-v4.jpg Places the class "Valkyrie" into Torchlight. The Valkyrie is a female melee fighter class based on the ski ... [more] (15.93 MB) 07-20-2010 16,252
SpiritSeer (Updated) SpiritSeer (Updated) : This mod adds a class called the SpiritSeer, which is loosely inspired by the farseer from Dawn of War 2. She is a very versatile class, probably the most versatile one out there, and has the vanquis ... [more] (8.86 MB) 08-09-2010 15,204
Assassin Class V 1.8 Assassin Class V 1.8 : A flexible class designed to fill the role of the weaker, more damage oriented rogue type. A new skin, recolored armor and a custom icon distinguish him from the alchemist and give him a killer/rogue ... [more] (5.51 MB) 07-17-2010 14,620
Banshee Class V0.9a Banshee Class V0.9a : Banshee Class Mod v0.9a The Banshee is a feared harbinger of death. Her wailing forebodes unspeakable horrors. Drawing on her spectral essense infused with ember, she is both physical and ethereal ... [more] (1.69 MB) 07-20-2010 14,584
Assassino Assassino : Yesterday I had nothing to do so i made a class mod, tha "Assassino" XD It is an simple assassin class with skills taken from the 3 main classes. I made this class using the Henchman mesh (Alric's ... [more] (129.3 KB) 10-03-2010 13,537
[CLASS] Vindicator v1.7b [CLASS] Vindicator v1.7b : Vindicator, Torchlight Character Class Mod ========================================== Description =========== Places a class named "The Vindicator" into Torchlight. The Vindicator is a hybrid c ... [more] (8.48 MB) 10-29-2011 12,523
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