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Aegis Maps

Uploaded by gorogorosama - 07-15-2010
Author Author gorogorosama
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This is my first mod and map pack release. It includes:

5 new Crypt chunks that will be put into circulation during the normal game and shadow vault
1 dungeon (Aegis Tomb) that contains ONLY the new chunks
1 Portal Map Scroll to teleport you to aforementioned dungeon
2 Spawnclasses for the dungeon


I welcome any comments and criticism, and am more than willing to fix any problems (if I can). For faster response, please leave a comment here:

Also be sure to check out Volume 2! Note that vol 1 and 2 are completely separate.

Update #1
- fixed map scroll to show up at higher levels
- Increased the monster level by 1
- Made the monsters at the 3x3 easier
- Got rid of side rooms at the 3x3
- dimmed lighting a tad (barely noticeable)

Update #2
- for the 3x3 puzzle, added a 5 second delay between spawn waves
- for the 3x3 puzzle, capped the total number of spawn waves to help players that are stuck
- for the 3x3 puzzle, moved levers slightly into the walls... may not help anything