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Torchlight 1 Mods: Respec Mod

Respec Mod

Uploaded by tiamat - 05-29-2010
Author Author tiamat
File Size File Size 2.6 KB
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Allows you to purchase respec potions from the general inventory vendor.

The respec mod causes the general inventory vendor (hp/mp potions, identify/town portal scrolls) to offer the respec potion.

To install:
Unzip the structure into your %appdata%\Runic Games\Torchlight\mods\ folder.

You can find this by following the C:\Program Files\Runic Games\Torchlight\Application Data link.

It should look like C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\runic games\torchlight\mods\RespecMod if you are running Vista.

NOTE: If your vendor isn't selling the potion for an old character, you may have to get his current store to restock his wares. Vendors will restock if you spend about a half minute in town, leave, and return.