Torchlight 1 Mods: Jarcho's Class Compilation V1.3

Jarcho's Class Compilation V1.3

Uploaded by Jarcho - 07-20-2010
Author Author Jarcho
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2011-07-20 Admin Update: This mod is not compatible with HotSpot. We suggest you install the individual class manually and allow HotSpot to merge them, to help with compatibility problems.

2012-01-21 Admin Update: Since so many of you ignored the disclaimer above and installed via HotSpot anyway, I must inform you that you now have to manually have to delete the mod. Please stop submitting reports on this issue.

Jarcho's Class Compilation

Update v1.3
  • Updated the Lady Knight to v1.02
  • Updated the Paladin to v1.08
  • Added 10 new animations for the gender mod, there are still some missing though.
  • Fixed some of the FOmar particles from confilcting with originals
  • Removed the Stealthassassin to avoid the problem with using the champions mod
  • Fixed various skills that were broken in their original mods. (thanks to all who've reported them)
  • Integrated the pets and tier3 addons into the actual mod

This is a simple mod that merges a whole bunch of classes together, hopefully without introducing new issues.

Classes added so far:

Changes made on top of all these classes:
  • Made icons for Stonebrother, Shaman, Paladin, Ice Queen and Sorceress
  • Edited icons for various classes to make them cleaner
  • Made new icons for the demonic gloves and boots
  • Made icons for the Assassin's wardrobe
  • Axe of sacrifice is sold at the general merchant (no more demonic merchant)
  • Sorceress only starts with fireball
  • Nethermage now uses the Darkrune Alchemist wardrobe by Theo89
  • Some others I can't think of right now

Known problems
  • The Demonologist and Spiritdancer classes both take a long time to load. (roughly 30 seconds)
  • A small number of extra items from other mods may cause a wardrobe malfunction. (you still have some room)

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