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HotSpot 1.0

Uploaded by ugmojoe - 05-12-2011
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Announcement! The HotSpot 2.0 beta has begun! This new version will eventually replace the version listed here, so feel free to help us test and perfect it! Details at this link, and download located here.

NOTE: Requires Microsoft .Net 3.5 (click here)

NOTE 2: HotSpot is currently in BETA TESTING, which means there will likely be bugs and errors until we reach a "release version." After release you will have a choice to stick to frequent beta updates or less common but more stable release updates.

HotSpot is a new integrated mod manager for Torchlight (and eventually Torchlight 2)

Current Features
  • A one-time install with auto-updating software, meaning you'll never need to keep track of HotSpot's version number and update it.
  • Directly integrated in RGF's Mods Database, and automatically updated every hour for new files or updates to current files.
  • A preview pane that features an extremely cut down version of the site, displaying Mod Descriptions and previews exactly as the author posts them.
  • ugmojoe's classic Class Creator and Item Fixer tools already installed.
  • A Splash screen which provides you links to the latest Torchlight and Runic Games-related news
  • The ability to search for mods via a searchbox (for Name and Author), by categories, and/or by Name, Download Count, and Rating.
  • Conflict checking, to know if your mods are going to break each other.
  • Every mod that was in Torchleech (even some that no longer existed anywhere else) are also now included within RGF's database to make sure you can always find your favorite mods!
  • During mod installation HotSpot cleans out the .adm files for you, to prevent problems between Mac and PC based mods.

Planned (possible) features for future updates
  • Support for Torchlight 1 AND Torchlight 2 mods, selectable via the Splash Screen.
  • Advanced Conflict Checking, including pre-installation file conflicts, Unit name conflicts, and Menu conflicts
  • The ability to use HotSpot to package mods of your own creation to be easily compatible and optimized to add to our mod database.
  • A number of useful modding tools, including a Class and Pet combination tool (No more class conflicts again!)
  • Warnings for when you are hitting the limits of Torchlight's mod loading capabilities
  • Mod Profiles for easy storage and separation of mods between characters.
  • Account Integrated features, using your RGF Username and Password to access new parts of the program.

See the forum for more details

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