Torchlight 1 Mods: [WEAPONS] Torchlight Chainsword Massacre

[WEAPONS] Torchlight Chainsword Massacre

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Uploaded by Arkham - 01-28-2012
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This mod adds seven chainsword weapons to Torchlight.

Four of them are based on the chainswords from Warhammer 40,000:
- Loyalist Marine's Chainsword (1-handed sword)
- Traitor Marine's Chainsword (1-handed sword)
- Ecclesiarchal Eviscerator (polearm)
- Repentia's Eviscerator (polearm)

The other three are original creations:
- Steampunk Chain-Glaive (polearm)
- Clockwork Chainsword (1-handed sword)
- Space-Age Electric Carving Knife (1-handed sword)

All are unique items, and have a requirement of level 30.

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