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Emberfiend 2.3

Uploaded by Ehb - 05-25-2012
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Emberfiend 2.3
Emberfiend adds expanded areas around the town of Torchlight, companions, and a versatile*crafting system. Expanded areas include 2 new town areas, 3 randomly generated mini-dungeons, an outside area (Upper Wilds), 2 tavern areas, and a small Library area for*another method of travel between Torchlight and Lower Torchlight. There are currently 14*companions, recruitable from the taverns, who are randomly generated upon entering the*tavern. The crafting system is extensive, and includes several additions such as:*interactive resource nodes for gathering, NPC merchants for recipes, interactive crafting*stations, icons, enchanting and disenchanting items. There are also some additional quests.

  • Crafting system: Emberfiend adds a diverse crafting system to Torchlight. Players can create Magical Weapons using Recipes and gathered resources (creating normal weapons is meaningless, lol). Rare Weapons,Armor, and Trinkets are created through enchanting, so a player could make a Magic weapon and enchant it to make it Rare.
    • Interactive Resource Nodes: There are resource nodes that allow you to click on them, and the game camera focuses in to watch your character hit the node a couple times before dropping a valuable resource!
    • Interactive Crafting Stations: You can click on a Forge, Alchemist's Table, or Cauldron to have one item crafted out of another!
    • Enchantment and Disenchantment of items with resources gathered. You can either transmute a Magic Weapon, Armor, or Trinket with a Cosmic Dust to make a Rare Weapon,Armor, or Trinket , or use the Enchantment Shrine in town with a Refined Ember to Enhance gear! You can transmute a Magic or Rare Weapon, Armor, or Trinket with an Astral Dust (combine 4 Cosmic Dust) to get a Unique!
  • Expanded Area around Torchlight: There are 3 main zones connected with the town of Torchlight: Lower Torchlight, the Upper Wilds, and the Library. Lower Torchlight is the crafting outskirts of Torchlight, where you can find an Alchemy Table and Forge for specific crafting needs. Also directly connected to Torchlight's graveyard is a small area with a reusable Enchantment Shrine...with the right resource. The Library is an alternate means of travel from Torchlight to Lower Torchlight. Deepholm has been added as well, an underground city of goblins and ratkin!
    • 2 Taverns: The Torchlight Tavern has been opened for business again! This adds an entrance to the Tavern in the middle of town, where adventurers can find random companions!
    • The Deep Mines: The Deep Mines is a dungeon in which the creatures drop healthy amounts of resources for crafting. 'Deep' enemies don't give xp, but here and there other creatures who haven't been corrupted by the deep still do.
    • The Moondance Temple: A mini-dungeon that is in a random Sunken Temple style.
    • The Hidden Cave: A mini-dungeon that is in a random Caverns style.
  • Healing Shrines: There is an added Healing Shrine in town right under where you Town Portal into Torchlight, and another inside the Tavern.
  • Companions: There are 14 companions with this installment of Emberfiend. *4 unlockable ones, and 10 that you can recruit in taverns or in Deephaven. Companions in Emberfiend you meet in your travels, and do not summon by use of a scroll.
  • Quests: Quests lead adventurers to new companions, so that once completed the companion related to that questline is unlocked for recruitment. There is a repeatable in Deephaven that rewards players with bloodstone for creating socketables.
  • Useables:Tomes and Glyphs are able to be placed on your hotkey bar, so that you may use the spells on them while not using up your character's 'learned spell' slots!
    • Tomes(25 charges) can be created by combining a 20 stack of Identify or Town Portal scrolls, or 4 of the spell (currently only Identify and Town Portal Tomes).
    • Glyphs(50 charges) can be crafted with resources.
    • Cooked Fish are edible versions of the original fish, which are a little bit weaker than healing potions. (There are only currently a few of these in the mod for low leveled characters. The entire cooking system may change in a future release.)
  • Icons: 37 new icons, most of which were HAND DRAWN by yours truly! Bag of Coal icon courtesy of Phanjam!
  • Compatibility:Emberfiend doesn't alter or tamper with any of the normal (vanilla) classes, abilities, layouts, or assets in general in any way. Emberfiend is carefully crafted such that it merges properly with other mods. As of the time of this posting, I haven't found a mod that doesn't work with it yet!

Future Plans:
  • Transfer Emberfiend's assets to Torchlight II!
  • Rework/additions to cooked fish and the cooking system.
  • More quests and questlines.
  • Some additional icons.

I would appreciate any feedback on improving the features of the mod. PM me here, or find me around Runic Games Fansite Forums. Particularly feedback around the value of the new items would be appreciated as most are just priced really low for availability. Ideas to make things better? New NPCs? Whatever? Enjoy the mod I look forward to hearing from you!

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