perhaps somone remember AnimaMyhti, a german speaking guild.
The guild was founded in dez 07, we met a lot of people, also from other countries. Most of us played HCE only. We had some level 50 (hce)chars, also at overworld, we madly love/ed the game.
After Myhtos we tried to play other games together, but more and more we split. Today we are a few people who became friends and do things together.
We often talk about old times, nice partys, funny things that happend, ……
We all are interested in Runic Games and hope the best for it.
If someone wants to say hello or old mates find us here, please answer here. It would be nice to see you again.

[and sry for my bad english, hope you understand]

Greetings sero(quela)

Mythoschars: sero, truvada, sertralina