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    by Published on 01-15-2016 04:26 PM

    Woohoo! The fundraiser is over, all the loot has been sold, and Runic Games Fansite is secure for at least a year! Thank you everyone who contributed or spread the word!

    The next step will be shipping, which will start once the funds reach my bank account and paypal account. So long as that goes smoothly loot will start going out around the end of this month or early February.

    In other words, this is your last chance to change your address! Let me know in the next week if you need me to send your stuff to ...
    by Published on 01-03-2016 10:36 PM


    Loot will be going out once the funds hit my bank account and I can start mailing things!

    Hello all! There are only 11 days left in our fundraiser, and since it seems the price of the Dark Alchemist statues was a bit out of the price range of your average Joe/Jill I've decided to combine the remaining two statues with the remaining two Torchlight 2 Soundtracks and put up two of these packages up for a new donation price of 100 dollars! What are you still going here? Go check it out! ...
    by Published on 12-06-2015 06:53 AM

    Hello friendly Console friends! Looking for an awesome Hob announcement? Look no further! Today Runic released a Youtube video announcing that Hob with be released as a PS4 Console exclusive on the same day as the PC release. Check out the Playstation Blog and the Youtube video below for more details!

    As a player, you are dropped straight into this world without any text, backstory, or dialog. Creating an immersive experience is important to us; the story will reveal itself as you play, rewarding your exploration with bits of the narrative puzzle. There’s a deep and satisfying story to Hob, but you’ll have to play it to unravel the secret.

    Very early in the game, you suffer a crippling attack by the rogue life infecting the landscape. This seeming tragedy actually jump-starts your abilities of traversal, combat, and upgrades. A new metal arm lets you use magnetic fields as a grappling hook, transforms into a shield, and allows you to pull and push the actual building blocks of the world into place. World-shifting is a core feature of Hob. As you re-align the world into its intended use, entire new play areas, previously unreachable, are fixed and unlocked.

    Also, if you haven't already seen it, read through my written preview from my summer visit to Runic! It covers all of the areas shown in the video! ...
    by Published on 11-15-2015 04:13 PM
    Article Preview

    Happy November everyone! Today I have a pretty big announcement:
    We're doing another fundraiser!

    The full details are on our IndieGogo page, but basically to help keep the website online Runic has donated some of the leftover swag they gave away in contests and at conventions in the past as incentives for people who want to help out the fansite. We've got three very awesome Dark Alchemist Statues, some Torchlight 2 Soundtracks with custom cover art, and fancy Outlander Tote Bags! Here are some pictures:
    by Published on 10-25-2015 12:09 AM

    UPDATE: Yup, HotSpot was the ONLY problem and now it says we're safe again. Woohoo!

    Hello all! If you're reading this you've gone ahead and ignored Google telling you we're harmful. Good for you! While I'm in the process of double-checking to make sure nothing else is hidden, I'm reasonably confident that this is due to a false positive from the original HotSpot (Torchlight 1 Mod Manager). I've tried to get the program checked officially and whitelisted before, but never received any response. The crazy part is that it has shown up as a false positive for years (as well as TorchCam, the mod that hacked into your running Torchlight 1 game to let you alter the camera angle), it was not until today that this warning came up.

    As a result, the original HotSpot is now officially retired. All that remains is the vast online Mod Database, and the forever-in-beta HotSpot 2. MAYBE someday someone else will volunteer to make us a new mod manager and then abandon us halfway through, but in the meantime just click to the Mods Sections and and go download some mods!

    If anything that is actually a threat appears as I double-check through the site and run upgrades, I'll let you know. Until then, happy gaming! ...
    by Published on 09-02-2015 11:06 AM

    Good Morning everyone! PAX 2015 is officially over, but that doesn't mean the Hob news stops. PC Gamer posted a short interview with Marsh on YouTube. Marsh goes into the reasons and inspiration behind Hob, how they crafted the world, and how they designed combat. Check it out.

    by Published on 08-31-2015 12:00 AM

    Happy Midnight everyone, Angry Centaur Gaming on YouTube has posted a 30 minute long interview with Runic Games President Marsh Lefler that contain bits of gameplay from PAX attendees trying Hob out at the Runic Games booth.