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    Mac FAQ - Welcome Mac Torchlight Users!

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    Now that Torchlight is hitting Steam's new Mac client, *I've put together a FAQ for Mac users and people on Macs who want to use mods. Mods will work on both platforms, but some precautions need to be addressed from now on for potential modders. Since half of it applies to modding, and because the wikis are locked down to prepare for the big move to the new site, this FAQ will be hosted on the Mod Database for now. Here is the link and a couple of the most common questions:
    Where can I get Torchlight for the Mac?
    Currently the only distributor is Steam. Release dates for boxed and digital Encore versions should be announced soon. If you bought Torchlight already from Runic Games or Perfect World your Activation Keys should now also work on Steam for both the PC and Mac versions.
    Do PC mods work for the Mac?
    Yes, they can work. However, a significant problem may occur if the mod uploader used a PC and includes .adm files. These files are the compressed version of the .dat files, which are the files that hold the information. The compression used on the PC and Mac are different, and thus if a Mac user tries to load a mod that includes PC-based .adm files, or vice-versa, the game will likely crash. In the future we will warn uploaders to remove all .adm files from their mods to promote compatibility and lower file sizes.

    Where do I install my mods?
    Mods should be unzipped to ~user\Library\Application Support\Runic Games\Torchlight\Mods\
    Check out the full FAQ right here:

    Thanks to Travis for his help with this!

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    Question Re: Mac FAQ - Welcome Mac Torchlight Users!

    I am wondering about this file mods.dat.ADM should i delete this file being a ADM file extension? or is this neccasary i am on a mac in case your wondering and i also have the file mods.dat
    please help

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