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Hey everyone, I have an important update regarding the site for you all, so listen up. We are FINALLY nearing the end of the conversion process to switch the entire site over to the revamped version. Here is what you will see happening within the next couple weeks:
  1. Within 2-3 days the mods database will be locked down to prevent any additional uploads, to allow us to finish copying over the most recent files and the page descriptions and images. If you have something you want to upload during that time you'll have to hold on to it for a week or two. New registrations will also be turned off for this time.
  2. Within a couple days of the mods database being locked down, the forums will also be locked down for all posts and user registrations. This will allow us to make the final import of the forums.
  3. With the forums will also come the final import of our forum and mods database's user databases. Finally the entire site will support a single log-in to access any part of the site. If you have two accounts with the same e-mail address on the forum and mods database they will then be merged.
  4. At this point there may or may not be some funkiness with the site, which may include downtime or broken pages. We will try to keep this transition as smooth as possible.
  5. Once all is ready, the site will be switched to the new version. At this time all of your links to old news posts, forum posts, wiki pages, and mods will redirect to the appropriate section of the new site. They will not redirect to the exact new location of the individual page, but to the main page for each section. All of the content will still be somewhere, but you may have to do a quick search to find it. We're sorry for the inconveniences this might cause, but it is the cost of progress.
  6. An e-mail will be sent out to everyone registered with the site, announcing the revamp and requesting that you have your password reset. This will be an inconvenience, but again it is a cost of progress. Once you have reset your password you can participate on any part of the site.[/*:m:13o45bbl]

This is your warning that the above things are going to happen very soon. At the very latest, barring any unforeseen disasters the new site should launch by the end of this month. Look forward to it, because there will be a LOT of improvements with the new site. I personally can't wait to finish and take a very short break. :P

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