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GenderMod 2

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  • Author JKev
  • Uploaded 04-18-2011, 10:11 AM
  • Last Updated 04-18-2011, 10:25 AM
  • Category Classes (TL1)
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This mod (as before) allows you to select an alternate gender version of any of the original 3 classes.

Valkyrie - Basically a female Destroyer (model = Vanquisher). Gains health and mana the same way the male Destroyer does. Wears Vanquisher model style gear.

Executioner - Basically a male Vanquisher (model = Alchemist). Gains health and mana the same way a Vanquisher does. Wears Alchemist model style gear.

Enchanter - Basically a female Alchemist (model = Vanquisher). Gains health and mana the same way the male Alchemist does. Wears Vanquisher model style gear.

• Alternate gender classes now use all proper skills.
• New skins applied to alt gender classes to enhance visual similarity to complimentary classes.
• Class select interface given a visual face lift.
• Alt gender class animations now represent their complimentary classes more. (This was done to: achieve a more fitting personality to each new class, limit the number of animation files for loading purposes, and to address small issues in the mechanics of the new classes that arose from animation pacing not intended for their new roles.)
• Includes an optional set of wardrobe files for the Enchanter and Valkyrie classes' new hair color integrated into SorrySoldOut's SSS Torchlight Texture Project v1.31 armor skins.
• New class select img logo files are created individually for easier more selective integration into mass multi-class mod sets.

This mod was originally created and last updated by Sigreth on November 11, 2009. Later, Sydonay revised this mod into it's final Version 1 form on July 15, 2010. GenderMod V1 however was hampered by a lack of shared animations between the 3 classes which resulted in class skill substitutions.

December 22, 2010, cccenturion posts his break through Shared Animations Library.
January 29, 2011, Phanjam uses said animations to modify Valkyrie class to use proper class skills.
April 17, 2011, GenderMod is revised to now have all alternate gender classes function "properly".

Sigreth and Sydonay for creating the first GenderMod.
cccenturion for his shared animations library.
Phanjam for his over all support and also help in resolving an issue I had with cccenturion's latest shared animations library upload.

Also Odonthe1st and Phanjam again for I had sourced their Odon's Alch EYE and Valkyrie II skins for facial modifications done to the Valkyrie and Executioner classes in this mod.

Runicgames for creating such an awesome game...and moddable to boot.

Extract to your %appdata%\runic games\torchlight\mods\ folder.

Simply delete the folder.

This mod contains its own charactercreate.layout file which will conflict with other mods also using a custom charactercreate.layout file.

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