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Playable Bosses Mod

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  • Author shizack
  • Uploaded 10-20-2015, 04:23 PM
  • Last Updated 02-07-2016, 04:35 PM
  • Category Classes (TL1)
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Tired of playing the same classes all over again? Now with this mod, you can play as any boss character you want! The bosses have their own skills, affixes, effects, and other things. Do not reupload this mod or edit it without my permission. If you reupload this mod or edit it without permission, I will be enraged at you forever. Feel free to upload videos of this mod for as long as they are not abusive. BTW, this mod is now cancelled forever.
Here are the things you need to know about the mod.

- Play as every boss character.

- The annoying narrator no longer talks when playing as a boss.

- For unarmed bosses, DO NOT equip weapons. It will crash the game.

- For ALL bosses, DO NOT go to a fishing pole. That will also crash the game.

- If you are playing as Ordrak, DO NOT use your fireball breath at barrels. This will crash the game as well.

- If you are going to get fish for your pet as a boss, use the console.

- All these problems cannot be fixed for fishing and equiping weapons because they do not have any animations for them and I do not know how to edit their animations.

- You no longer have to level up to get skills. As a boss, you get your skills right from the start.

- You still have to level up the original classes to get skills.

- Brink the Corrupted starts at Level 4.

- As a boss except the Overseer, your skills will cost no mana at all. Some will even have no cooldown.

- Bosses can survive deadly traps.

- Ordrak's punch ability, freezing doomquake, and shocking doomquake have the exact same icon and description.

- Ordrak can summon A LOT of minions.

-If you notice a very tiny icon at the bottom, that's Vilebracken.

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