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Variant Classes

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Mod Description
In a nutshell, its a compilation of many class mods found in Steam. The purpose of the mod is simply to provide the latest, fully working class compilation mod. It's due to the fact that existing class compilation mods were mostly outdated and/or somewhat buggy. Also a way for non-Steam user to enjoy these classes.

All credit goes to the respective author of the mods, but only some permission were granted. If you're the mod author and wishes for your class to be removed, pm me and we could discuss.

Special thanks to gytfunke, Phanjam and doudley for sharing their modding knowledge that helped me to create this mod.

Now available at Steam workshop.


Current version - v7 (July 20th, 2017)

General changes
- Dragoon's Piercing Talon should display the correct skill icon now.
- Applied new GUID to Theolentist's Anaerobic Acolytes and Insect Plague to prevent them from crashing due to conflict with other mods.
- Fixed missing animations for Legionary's skills.
- Reimplemented original hairstyle/hair color/faces option for Preacher. Note that they may slightly overlap with the new options from Preacher's Skin Addon. 
- Fixed missing bind scrolls for Theolentist's Sepulcher skill.
- Theolentist's Favor : Electron Veil level 1-4 can now be removed by Dispel Aura.

Ember Sage changes
- The skill called Flaming Bats is removed. It is replaced with an entirely new skill, 
called Fire Orb. If you have any skill points into Flaming Bats, respec them out to avoid losing skill points. 
- Fixed Ice Spikes as it wasn't inflicting damage correctly. 
- Tweaked a bunch of skills, some are given better effects or better tier bonus. Some tooltips are rewritten and corrected for clarification purpose.

Playable classes
- Emberblade (v.776) by gytfunke 
- Extra Class (No Synergies) v.13 by drewrobi (Assassin, Monk, Druid)
- Elemental Blade Dancer (v.52) by Nifhel
- Noxmer and Darklite class (v.465) by Ser Williamson (including Dark Noxmer)
- Tenebris (v.2.0.5) by Actkqk
- Dragoon (v.58) by Thorf 
- Dread Pirate (v.96) by BemusedBear
- Wildlings (v.2279) by gytfunke 
- Double Agent by DarkStar
- Theolentist (v.2757) by Squid Pro Quo 
- Lightwarden (v0.1.3.5) by Nigel Thornberry 
- Nethermancer(v.5568) by Haette 
- Red Mage (v.47) by ~Schiavelli~
- Voidseeker by Spacemen84 
- Warchief (v.273) by roberto tomas (originally created by Minesweeper)
- Ember Sage by ~Schiavelli~
- Legionary (v1.82)  by Deimos
- Emberknight (v1.78) by Deimos
- Preacher by Darkstar + Preacher Skin Add-on by Anarch16sync  
- Plaguelord by TwinkleMeister 

Green = Permission granted by author

Important notes
- Some of these classes are intended to be really powerful by their original authors and can clear the base game easily even at Elite/Hardcore difficulty. 
The use of difficulty mods like Synergies or LAO III are highly recommended. Although I might have to rebalance these classes at some point in the future.. if there's a request for it.
- Dark Hunter (of Noxmer/Darklite class) is removed due to being incomplete.
- Warchief's old starting skill, Shockwave, is restored. Massive Swing is removed as a result.
- Implemented expanded character creation UI. Original work of lolesch, taken from his neat UI mod
- Enabled every hairstyles/hair colors/faces option to all classes in this mod.
- Elemental Blade Dancer and Red Mage should no longer crashes the game for Linux user. 
-If you found any skills that crashes the game upon usage, please notify us. This is most likely because the skill shares the same GUID as another .dat files found in other mods that you use. 
Sadly, due to sheer number of mods out there, this issue can never be truly resolved..

Known issues
- Monk : Solar Wind is possibly not activating at all. 
- Missing tags from some skills that might affect them from functioning properly.
- Incompatible with Darkthan's Classes. Loading certain class will causes the game to crash.
- Conflict with Far East Pack 1/2, but they're still partially compatible. Just don't play Variant's Monk class/FEP's Warrior Monk if you load these mods together. 
- Minor conflict with TL2 Essentials. Load Variant higher than Essentials for better compatibility.
- Red Mage and Theolentist class are reportedly to crash the game for Mac users.
Post your concern/feedback directly to me or in the Steam workshop page.

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