Better Vanilla Game Simple (PLEASE RATE)


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Better Vanilla Game Simple (PLEASE RATE)

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PLEASE RATE!!! (If your rating is negative please explain. I welcome ALL feedback within reason of course.)

Total Synergies Compatibility!!!

If you rate down please comment why.

The purpose of this is to improve the vanilla-feel of the game. It will expand utility function keeping as close to vanilla balance levels as possible. Focus is on better changes to the UI, inventories, new items (no over power intended so if there is please comment!), and additional NPC characters. The battles will not be any easier or difficult and no fighting stats of any kind are changed except possible new skills or stat-related fish, spells, potions, etc.

Please only recommend mods that help game-play that are not too powerful for battle".

I want to give a special thank you to CoreHowel for the inspiration and his mods that started my project.

I also wish to thank steffire for his constant vigilance on compatibility and balance of my mod pack as well as the upcoming "Spicy version".

Old picture credit goes to CoreHowel and the New upcoming 2 pictures I give credit to steffire.

As for myself, I just put it together so the other 2 are who should have the most credit
I am still trying to find out how to remove the map works portal scroll vendor from the Abysm mod author. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will try to make up for this over due by providing a version 1 with the first category of mods right away before taking time to implement the other categories (see list of sub mods below description).

Mods-Better Touches

-)Daylight Robbery
-)Enchanters Stay Put
-)Ember Gem Upgrade
-)Golden Chest With Uniques Lite
-)Lurker Skull Level
-)More Recepies
-)Mountains Of Consumables
)New Champion Names
-)Rejuvenation Potion Recipes
-)Safe Dialogs
-)Smarter Gambler
-)Spells Redux
-)Ultimate Boss Chests
-)Zoomy Light


-)Better Loot Colors
-)Slimmer Loot Borders
-)Unusable items are Red


-)Aegis Sands
-)Aegis Crypt
-)Blanks Landmarks

Mods-Pets and Fish

-)Fish Details
-)Fish Up
-)More Pet Skins
-)More Transformations
-)More Fishies!
-)Torchlight 1 Pets

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