• 8 Years and Still Hanging In There!

    Hello all! Before I catch up on all the latest Hob news, I'd just like to note that as of today Runic Games Fansite is 8 years old! Personally, a lot has changed in that time. I've gotten married, changed jobs twice, and now have two daughters. I've learned so much about making and running a forum and server, technically, financially and socially. Also you've all helped keep this website alive by your kind contributions, not to mention the support from my friends at Runic Games. I don't know how long we'll keep doing this, or what the future will hold for this fansite, but I appreciate those of you who still pop by to look for mods or to check the news (of which I am always late to update).

    Speaking of news, here's a fast rundown of the latest happenings:

    Runic was at Gamescom this week and will be at PAX West soon, plus there was new media released recently: http://www.runicgames.com/blog/2016/...-here-we-come/

    The Runic Games official site got an overhaul with new Hob content added to it, among other changes. You can find that here: http://runicgames.com/

    A Dev Diary was also released last week: http://runicgames.com/blog/2016/08/1...orld-in-sound/

    The Chinese version of Torchlight Mobile released a new trailer recently, which looks pretty cool: http://2p.com/44434141_1/Diablo-Styl...shaylynsun.htm
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    1. Trappski's Avatar
      Trappski -
      Has it been so long... Pretty crazy how fast times flies by.
      I like how the page has evolved during that time as well, getting more refined in both look and features.
      Keep the good work going and I'll look forward to seeing a Hob-part of this site later on.