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    Question on TorchEd's Power

    So, I've looked at TorchEd and have a solid idea for a mod I'd like to make, but am curious about how much of it is possible.

    The goal is a class, which I know is certainly possible. I'd like it to be largely unique abilities, also definitely possible.

    The question is with a custom model with a custom skeleton and custom animations: Can it be done? In theory I know it should be possible, but I can't find any class mods with custom models, and I assume this is either due to lost interest by those who attempted it, or by the difficulty of the process.

    Are there any good tutorials on how to set up a model for Torchlight? How to set up a skeleton and all of that? I've looked and it's been hard to find good information on the matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Question on TorchEd's Power

    This thread over at forums.runicgames may point out other helpful areas for your research (I know there's a LOT of such threads scattered throughout both fora...)
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    Re: Question on TorchEd's Power

    That is some excellent reading material, and definitely shows the possibility. I'll keep it bookmarked as inspiration.

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