Hello all! If you're reading this, you MIGHT be interested in starting your own guild. What I'm here to tell you is that you have an opportunity to tap into the userbase of RGF to help your guild grow, without all the extra hassle of starting your own website or having to deal with outside restrictions on what you can and can't do.

Quite simply, here at RGF we have to ability to give a Guildmaster his or her own forum, which they can organize, moderate, hide, or otherwise do with as they wish! You deal with membership as you want to, leaving it open or invite-only. Grow too large and want to move on to a bigger, personal website? No problem! We can simply switch your RGF Guild forum to hidden-mode/member-only mode and provide a replacement link to your new home!

Already have a website? Don't let that stop you you tapping into our community! A quick message and you can get your guild included in our listings as well! Just leave a response here, or otherwise e-mail or PM me and you'll get set up asap!