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    Calling out to our small Mythos O-o comunity (for the lack of the underscore)

    Chiseled Chin, Minigun, Solace and the others from our little Mythos-overworld-patch-guild (whose ingame-names (not your real names though, they've always been meaning all the more for me, for the nice people I got to know back then) I forgot due to corrupted hard-disks, and therefore, lack of ingame screenshots, are you around? If so, it would be great to hear (yeah, read, I know) from you.

    Oh yeah and Webbstre....could you please enable the use of the underscore in topic-titles and group-names please? Would be cool, just for old time's sake. By the way, if I recall your words correctly, it had been "the only guild you enjoyed being in" back then. Been a long time. But you wouldn't forget about O_o, would you?

    Oh well, I forgot about Mythos and the old days (tried the Korean stuff for about a day, but....meh) altogether, for a couple of years (too much private stuff I guess, been a rather rough time).

    Sooo.....any O_o veterans (and yes, you too Webbstre) *g* vote for underscore_enabled^^
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    Re: Calling out to our small Mythos O-o comunity (for the lack of the underscore)

    I think the underscore is a reserved character within vbulletin itself, so I probably can't enable it. I WOULD totally join the guild if you reformed it though. I normally try to avoid joining guilds to stay impartial... but since our guild pre-dates this site completely and I totally liked it back then I would join if you can find any of the original members It was one of the reasons I even started this website after all

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