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About The Runic Games Wiki

Welcome to the new Runic Games Fansite Wiki.

This is the first wiki for information about Runic Games. Our goal is to have a place that stores ANYTHING you might want to know about Runic Games and Torchlight, including information on character builds, strategies, monster info, and mod instructions. As the MMO is developed you are likely to find connections as familiar monsters and NPCs make appearances in the alpha and beta.

All information here is, as is the case of all wikis, unofficial. However, we'll try to keep things as accurate as possible, and remember to always list our sources. If English isn't your first language, don't be afraid to make spelling mistakes; someone will come by and fix them. Remember, your input will not only help others, but it will encourage others to input as well, and will expand our community as a whole.

Featured Article

RGF goes through a makeover and switches to Vbulletin and it's VaultWiki.

Getting Started

Interested in helping to expand the wiki? Simply register an account for the RGF site, or log in to your account. Before jumping right in, you might be interested in checking out Help:Editing section for some tips. Once you have taken a look at those, feel free to play about in the Sandbox and try things out.

If you are familiar with VaultWiki or BBCode already, or have finished getting a feel for things in the Sandbox, then the next step is to read the Runic Games Wiki Rules. Once you have glanced over those, go ahead and start making pages. To start a page, just click on Post New Article location on the sub-navigation bar. As stated above, always cite your sources, where possible.

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A Destroyer blowing things up in the Estherian Ruins.

Feedback, Bugs, and Language Requests

Any feedback you have, bugs to report, or requests for language additions to the wiki, should be posted [ in the appropriate forums thread].