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Torchlight I
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Never cured of his Ember Blight, the Alchemist began to research the Blight. The deeper he went, the more he realizes that*thousands of people are killed every year by the Blight, and no one realized or was doing anything about it.*He determines that since the Blight was caused by Ember, then the only way to stop it from spreading would be to destroy all the known ember in existence. It seemed like an impossible task, but the Alchemist realized that if he could channel the power of Ordrak's Heart he could possibly wipe out ember from existence and save lives. The Alchemist constructed a staff to channel the power of Ordrak's Heart, but it wasn't enough to protect him from the corruption, so he constructed a special set of armor to shield himself from Ordrak's Corruption...

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Need help modding Torchlight, check out the Modding Guides Section or the Torchlight 2 Modding Guides Section!
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