Artwork of the Alchemist
Class Information
Class Type:Mage
Voiced by:Marc Biagi

The Alchemist is one of three classes in Torchlight. Alchemists are spellcasters who use electricity and magic to create violent, pyrotechnic attacks and summon imps and robotic minions. He's been described as "Sort of geek meets badass." Link

Although the Alchemist is primarily the "spellcaster" class, he, like all classes in the game, can use all types of combat styles, including melee and ranged weapons.

[top]Class Basics

  • Alchemists start the game with 200 health and 30 mana
  • Each level adds 40 health. Mana gain varies, with 7 points average.


Drawn to the power of Ember as a cornerstone of his magical art, the Alchemist came to Torchlight for his own ends. Being the largest cache of Ember ever found, the temptation may lead the Alchemist never being able to break free of its influence and ultimately to his downfall. The power of Ember is beyond imagining, but the price is very high.

By channeling the power of Ember, the Alchemist is able to dispatch enemies from afar as well as summon minions to his aid. Link


The Alchemist seemingly always wears a focus glove on his left hand and potion vials and a tome strapped to his belt. His armor also often includes goggles.


For the full skill tree, Alchemist Skills
The Alchemist's class skills come in three skill trees: Arcane, Lore and Battle.
  • The Arcane tree is filled with powerful ranged magic attacks.
  • The Lore tree contains the Alchemist's summoning skills.
  • The Battle tree is centered around combat buffs and utility skills.

Alchemists have 33 total skills while the other two classes each have 30 skills.

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