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We started from the concept of a mildly viking-ish ursine race. A 'Storm Bear' if you will. We went with 'sturm' for storm. Norwegian/Scandanavian for 'bear' = bjorn. We took bjorn to the phonetic 'beorn'. We now have both 'Sturmbeorn' and 'Beorn' in our game world. The distinction between the two will be explained in the game.
Jason Beck, Official Forums
The Beorn is said to be designed after Vikings.

[top]Champion Beorn

Revealed in a Twitter post as being the champion versions of the Bear Zombies or Beorn. [1] The concept was designed by Mike Franchina, one of the Concept Artists at Runic Games. [2]

The design of the "Bear General" is very similar to an in-game model of a boss monster conveniently named "General Grell". [3]
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