The Berserker class is focused on fast dual-wielding melee combat using claws and/or fist weapons; however, if those fail the Berserker he/she can call upon spirit animals to aid him/her.



Driven by a lust for adventure and a savage determination to win fame, fortune, and glory, Berserkers wander the wild places of the world in search of formidable foes, fabulous treasures, and the sheer joy of a worthy challenge.

The Valgang tribes of the icy north produce some of the fiercest men and women in all the world, and the Berserkers are the most savage warriors of the lot. Possessed of an animalistic cunning and an unbridled fury, a Berserker is an untamed and unpredictable beast who is a blessing when set upon one's enemies—and a curse when turned against you. The Berserker’s lust for battle cannot be sated even by the endless warring of their tribes; eventually, every Berserker sets their eyes on the exotic lands to the south, where adventure is ever just over the horizon ... and danger lurks around every corner.

Berserkers draw their strength from the worship of the northern lords of battle: Vur, the Wolf; Dralk, the Dragon; and Krax, the Raven. Their totem beasts grant Berserkers extraordinary powers, and only improve the more they embrace their own animalistic natures. From Vur, the Berserker gains a single-minded perseverance; from Dralk, the sheer power of the dragons of old; and from Krax, the vicious cunning to put them all to good use!

Naturally, a Berserker makes an excellent hand-to-hand combatant: a primal force lashing out with fists and claws, the rage building inside like a caged beast. Their onslaught can stun foes and leave them vulnerable to a vicious follow-up ... or finish them all in one quick charge. And, on those rare occasions when a Berserker is overrun, their fearsome totems unleash gouts of fiery dragon breath or packs of spectral wolves to turn the tide of battle.

The Berserker personifies the offensive-minded fighter: strength, speed, ferocity, and the power of the wild, all rolled together into one devastating combination!


[top]Charge Mechanic

This is a description of the Berserker's Charge Mechanic
(note: Player had Frenzy passive at level 1, hence the +5 to duration)

The Charge bar, located just above the bottom center of the screen, forms a progress bar showing how much progress has been reached in comparison to the ideal state, Frenzy. During Frenzy, the progress bar will turn orange and emit a light 'glow' effect. After Frenzy ends, the Charge bar returns to zero, letting you build up Charge to once again enter the Frenzied state.


Every class in Torchlight II has 21 actives and 9 passives adding up to 30 skills total spread across 3 Panes evenly.

The Berserker's trees focuses around the Visceral in the Hunter Pane, their cold roots in the Tundra Pane, and the Shadow. All three contain elements tied to nature.
Hunter skills tend to focus on increasing physical damage, whither by speeding up your attack rate, or a new and powerful physical attack, while Tundra skills focus on ice damage and freezing your opponents into one spot for a period of time. Shadow skills are usually wolf-themed special abilities, allowing you to summon spectral wolves of different kinds, or become like one yourself, enabling you to run through your opponents.



The basic fighting technique is simply get in your opponent's face and start beating the tar out of them. However, this strategy does not always work on difficult modes, such as Veteran or Elite.
Common skills used to remedy this are the Hunter skills Eviscerate and Ravage, both creating a damage area in an arc of 120 degrees or greater for Eviscerate, and a full circle for Ravage. Both will help clear your combat area of mobs, allowing easier escape, or simply a more effective way of dealing damage to more than a singular individual at once. Other tools used are Shadow skills Shadow burst, which allows you to jump through your opponent, healing you. This jump is one of the longest runs you can make as a Bezerker, and aside from healing yourself, it allows you to get out of that nasty scenario where you have gotten yourself trapped in mobs, five deep. Savage Rush has the same effect, although there is no healing, and the jump distance is much shorter. However, it does deal far more damage.
Aside from these basic and common skills above, passive skills, such as the Hunter skills Blood Hunger, Executioner, Tundra skills Rage Retaliation and Cold Steel Mastery, and Shadow skills Frenzy Mastery, Shred Armor, and Red Wolf are also extremely helpful dealing damage to your opponents in a short amount of time. The links above under Skills have more details on the exact consequences of each skill. To be brief, each allows you to deal more damage, faster. With Bezerkers, it is advisable for beginners to focus on dealing the most damage in the shortest amount of time, an idea that favors claw weapons and skills that increase the duration of Frenzy and the rapidity of reaching it, such as Frenzy Mastery and Executioner. More advanced users often create dual-wielding short sword or axe characters. Remember, you never really know if your character build was a success or failure until ~level 50. (Unless, of course, you find you simply can't kill anything at level 49. In which case, I recommend that you start again, or respec your character. Instructions are found here.
And, instead of going through the countless possibilities of how to build your character, you can find builds on the bottom of the page of the Official Torchlight II Armory, found here. The page includes a skill calculator, which calculates the attributes of the Bezerker's skills at any level, and strength, dexterity, focus, and vitality amount to determine the ultimate outcome of a given setup at any level between one and one hundred.

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