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Introduced in Torchlight II, the charge mechanic adds a third resource to the gameplay. This resource, or Charge is gained through offense. Each class' charge mechanic differs from one another.

[top]Charge Mechanic

Each class has a different charge mechanic. All of the charge mechanics gain power as you hit objects, such as punch dummies or ratlins. What the class does with the charge produced, however, depends on each class. Listed below are the effects of gaining charge for each class.

[top]The Engineer

The Engineer's charge mechanic is the only one that is tied directly to the skills. Through normal attacks, the engineer gains charges which then can be used to increase the potency of some of the class' skills.

[top]The Outlander

The Outlander's charge affects the character's speed and damage buffs as the bar fills. There is a skill that allows the class to share the benefits with the rest of the party.

[top]The Berserker

The Berserker's charge, or the Berserker Frenzy once filled gives the character increased speed and turns all successful strikes into devastating critical hits.

[top]The Embermage

The Embermage's charge once filled puts the character into a Trance, allowing the caster to unleash spells in a clear-cast state, where mana become less of an issue. The internal name of the Embermage is Arbitor, the Trance state, internally is called the Avatar state.

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