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The Destroyer
Class Information
Class Type:Warrior
Theme:Ancestral Magic
Voiced by:Sam Mowry [1]

The Destroyer is one of three classes in Torchlight. The Destroyer is a warrior-style class who uses heavy weapons and armor, and can call upon ancestral magic. He's designed as a melee warrior who specializes in edged weapons, either with a shield or using "a big-ass glowing poleaxe." []

While the Destroyer is primarily the "melee fighter" class, he -- like all classes in the game -- also has the ability to learn spells or use ranged weapons.

[top]Class basics

  • Destroyers start the game with 300 health and 20 mana.
  • Each level adds 60 health and 5 mana.


Destroyer construct art.jpg
An endless wanderer, who is drawn to conflict with his dual-wielded blades, was led to Torchlight after hearing of the evils befallen it. Through channeling the power of his ancestors, the Destroyer excels at close-quarter combat and is able to smite his foes with such ferocity as to easily dispatch multiple enemies at once. With a strong sense of virtue, the Destroyer sets out to deal justice with his blades, but things may not be as simple in Torchlight as they appear.

With a darkness rising to cloud the Destroyer?s judgment, only time will tell whether or not the draw of Ember will tempt his soul into corruption.[]


For the full skill tree, Destroyer Skills
The Destroyer's class skills come in three skill trees: Berserker, Titan, and Spectral.
  • The Berserker tree focuses on melee weapon attacks.
  • The Titan tree contains attacks that use knockback and elemental damage.
  • The Spectral tree concentrates on Auras and summoned Shadow Armor.

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