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The world of Torchlight is comprised of six elements, and with these elements are their guardians. According to the Alchemist's research, the Elemental Guardians and the element they are attributed to are likely connect; however, his research is not clear or tested.

Of the six elements, only 3 has been shown so far, the Guardian of Water, the Guardian of the Wild, and a currently unknown third Guardian. The Guardian of Mana is reveal in Quest text.

While the Guardians are voiced by both Male and Female actors and actresses, they seem to have no gender as the game simply refers to them as Guardians or "it."

[top]Guardian of Water

waterguardian.jpg-waterguardian-jpgThe Guardian of Water
The Guardian of Water, whom resides in the Wellspring Temple, is the first guardian the Alchemist drains energy from using Ordrak's heart. The Vanquishers, led by Commander Vale(the Vanquisher from TL1) arrive just as the Alchemist was subduing the Guardian; however, the Vanquishers are unable to stop him. Weaken by the Alchemist, the Sturmbeornen led by General Grell ceases the opportunity to raid the Wellspring Temple, and holds both Vale and the Guardian Hostage.

[top]Guardian of the Wild

wildguardian.jpg-wildguardian-jpgThe Guardian of the Wild
The Guardian of the Wild appears in the Watchweald Temple of Act 1, it is the second Guardian the Alchemist drains energy from. While the hero was at the Wellspring Temple, the Grand Regent headed north to check on the Guardian of the Wild. However, he contracts the sickness that is affecting the Estherians while fending off the Alchemist at the Enclave. While at the Watchweald Temple the Grand Regent is possessed by a Nether Beast, one of the Netherim Kings. During the battle against the Grand Regent, the Regent summons the Guardian of the Wild, who is corrupted, to fight for him. After Defeating the Grand Regent, the Guardian is cured of his corruption. If the hero didn't arrive as he did, the Netherim King would have possessed the Guardian.

[top]Guardian in Zeryphesh

Seen only in video from PAX Prime 2011, he resides in the Zeraphi Capital City of Zeryphesh in the Ossean Wastes.

[top]Guardian of Mana

The Guardian of Mana is said to be held hostage by the Ezrohir in the Forsaken Vault.

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