Ember is a mysterious substance in Torchlight. This ore is "the essence of magic and the keystone of alchemy" used to empower enchanted weapons and armor. It's also the source of some of the Alchemist's magical powers, as evidenced by the Ember Bolt.

[top]Ember under Torchlight (the town)

Torchlight is a boomtown, built to mine one of the largest seams of Ember discovered. Chunks of Ember (gems) of various types can be found in the game, and can be used by the player for their potent properties. These pieces are sometimes the object of quests.

Although Ember isn't inherently evil Link, this Ember has been infused with "the heart of a villain," becoming a source of corruption, and it can cause madness in those exposed to it. Use of Ember has led to the fall of ancient civilizations -- a fact that the player will discover as they explore the subterranean ruins. Ultimately, an adventurer will have to cleanse the source of evil so that Ember will not destroy Torchlight as well.

[top]Ember Blight

Throughout the game there are signs of people and civilizations who have become corrupted through the use of Ember. Syl refers to this corruption as Ember Blight. For one NPC we see an intentional and nearly instant corruption which results in added strength, a shape change, and what appears to be either madness or loss of control of his body. It is unknown whether or not Ember Blight is the result of working with corrupted Ember or a purposeful and intentional corruption of one corrupted being acting on a weaker creature. It is also unknown whether or not this affliction can occur with people or creatures using Ember from outside of Torchlight.

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