"If a problem is too big to fix ... one must break it into smaller problems."

The Engineer is one of the four playable classes in Torchlight II. He is a melee warrior archetype specializing in two handed weaponry. [1] Formerly known as the Railman, the class was renamed when the developers removed railroads from the game world, or at least from the continent of Vilderan, where the game takes place.


The workhorse of the Empire, the modern Engineer’s strength lies in his Ember-fueled, steam-driven armor—a technological marvel devised by top scientists at the Industrium (the Empire’s academy of science and technology), and crafted personally by the Engineer as his journeyman project.

So equipped, Engineers carry out any mission involving technology that the Empire requires, from building mighty Herkonian Embercraft transports to delving into ancient ruins in search of long-forgotten knowledge—sometimes as part of a team of Imperial soldiers, but more often than not as “independent” contractors. As time passed, though, the role of the Engineers evolved. Some strictly pursued research and theory, locked away in factory-labs and paid kingly sums to examine dwarven artifacts and develop new designs from them.

The Engineers find work aplenty on the continent of Vilderan, exploring dwarven ruins for more artifacts, maintaining the Empire's transports, and overseeing work in the Ember mines. But the conditions have forced the Engineers to adapt their methods and equipment. Gone are the leather aprons and tidy toolboxes—replaced by armored plates and massive, two-handed spanners that conveniently also serve as weapons. Now the Engineer is more soldier than scientist—more warrior than workman.

The Engineers' technological expertise lets them imbue their weapons and armor with the power of Ember to deliver blasts of energy through devastating melee strikes, or directly from the armor itself! Their gear might be a bit weightier to accommodate all that technology—but "a good, heavy spanner is just the right tool for stubborn bolts ... and stubborn beasts!"

That combination of brawn and tech makes the Engineer a formidable front-line combatant—a powerhouse of melee attacks and short-range energy bursts.



[top]Charge Mechanic

This is the description for the Engineer's Charge Mechanic

The Charge bar, located just above the bottom center of the screen, forms a progress bar showing how much progress has been reached. Assuming that it is not left inactive, the Charge bar will retain it's charge, increasing until it reaches 100% with every time you hit something. As above noted, your skills will often consume some Charge, but every time Charge is used, it can be regained by damaging more enemies. No physical attack benefit is given when the Charge bar has reached maximum, unless you have a skill that changes that.


Every class in Torchlight II has 21 actives and 9 passives adding up to 30 skills total spread across 3 Panes evenly.

The Engineer's panes focuses around the hard hitting in the Blitz Pane, Engineering in the Construction Pane, and the defender in the Aegis Pane.



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