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The Ezrohir are cousins and enemies to the Zeraphi, an immortal race encased in alchemical armor. They are also one of the four oldest races in the Torchlight Universe.[1]

[top]Separation from Zeraphi

During the conflict between the Estherians and Zeraphi, the Estherians decided to withdraw from the conflict. However, The Zeraphi were divided on their next course of action, some wanted to declare a cease-fire and continue their research for immortality, and others wanted to pursue the retreating Estherians. As a result this created a cultural rift, the "hawks" becoming the Ember Fueled Ezrohir, and the "doves" finding safer ways to achieve immortality.

[top]Tie-in with Torchlight I

The means for immortality for the Ezrohir is through ember, and Alric was seeking ways to make himself immortal.


[top]Ezrohir Marksman

The Marksman wield rifles; they seem to prefer to take up a position and fire at the player.

[top]Ezrohir Pistoller

The Pistoller dual wields a pair of pistols and appear to have the ability to leap in and out of combat.

[top]Ezrohir Shieldbearer

The Shieldbearer fights with a sword and shield combination.

[top]Ezrohir Shockwielder

The Shockwielder wields a staff with a electric tip, the effects of the attacks are unknown.

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