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Fishing returns in Torchlight II with some tweaks to the design and the loot. There are now several grades of Fishing Holes, such as Promising and Secret, these grades of fishing hole have a limit to the amount of times you can fish at them, but they have the chance to give anything from quality gear to more powerful or lengthy fish.
Every character is equipped with a fishing rod, and fishing is quite simple. To fish, simply click on the fishing hole and your character will automatically cast their line. A circular blue button will appear in the middle of your screen with a white 'ring' around it. When the ring shrinks to the same size as the blue button, the button will briefly turn gray, meaning you have gotten a bite! Click the button immediately to reel in your line and get the fish.

Also, players can choose to go dynamite fishing by purchasing some Dynamite from the General Goods Merchant. Dynamite destroys the fishing hole and essentially gives you items from the hole you would have gotten by playing the mini-game. However, this method yields less total fish per fishing hole than if you were to use your fishing rod. Dynamite only works on the fishing holes found outside of the town hub.

(Dynamite does not work on town fishing holes.)

The Fishing Mini-game has not changed since Torchlight I.

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