The humans are new to the continent of Vilderan. There are likely multiple factions of humans.

[top]The Empire

Likely the largest faction of humans. The Empire seems to be imperialistic as they seem to be attempting to colonize Vilderan through both military and diplomatic means. The Empire has a multi-fascited military comprised of the Embermages, the Engineers and the Vanquishers.

The Ember Council is some form of leadership in the Empire, other than finding candidate for Embermages from children of the Empire. They seem similar to the Jedi Council.

[top]Valgang Tribes

Hailing from the north they make some of the toughest men and women in the Berserkers.

[top]The Outlanders

View the main article here, Outlander

The Outlanders are considered outlaws and bandits by the Empire, due to their vagabond nature.

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