How to attach continuous particle effects to items add particles to weapons

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Assuming you have a basic a understanding of how mods are created and the folder structure we will jump right into this mod guide.
If you need details on the very basic general starter steps for mods please see the starter guides provided with TorchED or see my other guide:

Note that this guide, and particle attachments to items in general, only work with Torchlight v1.15 or greater.
In the particle section (step 2) of this guide you can technically make any particle effect you want want, but I detailed steps for a basic particle effect for those of you not yet familiarized with the particle system in TorchED.

Attached to this guide is a zip file of the working mod created using htis guide, for your reference. (

[top]1. Make the base folder for our mod to call home

A. In the mods folder create a new folder and name it whatever you want. I am going to name it Particle_Attach_Guide. (...\Application Data\runic games\torchlight\mods\Particle_Attach_Guide)

B. In the new folder "Particle_Attach_Guide" create a folder and name it media. (...\mods\MonsterGuide\media) All our mod files and folders for this guide will have to be inside this media folder. It is generally good practice to keep your mod folder structure exactly the same as the folder structure used in the TorchED folder (C:\Program Files\Runic Games\TorchED).

[top]2. Create the desired particle effect

A. Start TorchED.

B. On the very bottom left of the TorchED window you need to select the 'Particle Creator' tab.

C. On the left 'Particle Creator' pane right click in the blank white area and select 'Particles > Particle' from the options menu that pops up.

D. Right click on the newly created 'Particle' icon and select 'Emitter'. At this point if you press the green play triangular button you should see white squares shoot up into the sky, press the red stop square if you pressed play.

E. Left click the 'Particle' icon on the left pane and then on the far right pane click the bottom tab 'Properties' so that the Properties now show in this right pane.

F. On the right 'Properties' pane go to the 'RESOURCES and RENDERING' section and set 'RENDER STYLE' to 'Additive' via the dopdown menu that appears upon left clicking 'RENDER STYLE'.

G. On the right 'Properties' pane go to the 'RESOURCES and RENDERING' section and click'TEXTURE' and click the ellipses button to browse to the desired texture to be used. Select the texture you want to use, I will be using (C:\Program Files\Runic Games\TorchED\media\particles\textures\multiparticle\bl but ensure within TorchED it shows the texture location as (media\particles\textures\multiparticle\bloodfog.d ds) otherwise Torchlight may get lost in trying to locate the file.

H. Left click the 'Emmiter' icon on the left pane and then on the far right pane under 'MOVEMENT' click the 'VELOCITY' ellipses.
i. Change FIXED to RANDOM from the drop down options in the new VELOCITY window.
ii. Set Min to 1 and MAX to 2.
iii. Close the VELOCITY window.
I. On the far right pane under'MOVEMENT' click the '+' sign next to 'DIRECTION' and set 'Y' to -1. This will make are particle move down towards the ground.

J. On the far right pane under'EMISSION' click the 'PARTICLELIFE' ellipses and set the Random value Min to 1 and Max to 2. This will make each particle last only 1 to 2 seconds after it is generated, but by default this particle is generating infinite particles.

K. Now to modify the particle's color we will right click on the 'Particle' icon on the left pane and select 'Affetors > Color'.
i. Left click the newly created 'Color' icon ,
ii. On the right pane select 'COLOR OVER TIME' and click the associated ellipses.
iii. In the new 'COLOR OVER TIME' window click the '>>' button to ensure th circle on the color bar is highlighted RED.
iv. Adjust color 'R' red to 146, color 'G' green to 0, and color 'B' blue to zero.
v. Click the 'OK' button to accept the changes and close the window automatically.
L. On the left pane click 'File' and select 'Save As'. Save the file as bloodydrips in your mod's particle folder, I will save mine here (...\mods\Particle_Attach_Guide\media\particles\bl oodydrips.layout).

[top]3. Set the particle as a constant layout effect

A. With TorchED still open On the very bottom left of the TorchED window you need to select the 'layout' tab.

B. On the left 'Layout' pane right click in the blank white area and select 'Building Blocks > Layout Link Particle'.

C. Left click the newly created 'Layout Link Particle' on the right pane.

D. On the right 'Properties' pane select 'LAYOUT FILE' and click the associated ellipses to browse for our particle file. Select the particle we just created (C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\HP_ADMINISTRATOR\APPLICATION DATA\RUNIC GAMES\TORCHLIGHT\MODS\PARTICLE_ATTACH_GUIDE\MEDIA\PARTI CLES\BLOODYDRIPS.LAYOUT) but ensure that within TorchED it shows the 'LAYOUT FILE' location as (MEDIA\PARTICLES\BLOODYDRIPS.LAYOUT) or else Torchlight may not be able to locate the file, you can delete the text as needed in the 'LAYOUT FILE' field.

E. On the left pane click 'File' and select 'Save As'. Save the file as dripgen in your mod's particle folder, I will save mine here (...\mods\Particle_Attach_Guide\media\particles\dr ipgen.layout).
You can now close TorchED. This layout file is what our weapon unit file will point to. Note a weapon unit can not point direclty to a particle, weapon units must point to layout links that in turn can point to particles.

[top]4. Creating the new weapon and attaching the particle

A. Select a weapon unit file '.dat' from the TorchED driectory and copy it over to our local mod directory. I will copy (...TorchED\media\units\items\axes\axe_normal_1a.dat) over to (...mods\Particle_Attach_Guide\media\units\items\axes\).

B. Rename the weapon unit file to a unique file name. I will name mine 'axe_normal_1a_bleeding1.dat'.

C. Open the new unit file up with a simple text editor, like Notepad.
i. Delete the number after '<STRING>UNIT_GUID:' including any minus '-' sign if one exists. Torchlight will automatically assign a new unique number.
ii. Give the weapon a unique name after '<STRING>NAME:'. This must be unique or Torchlight may get confused and crash. I will name it '<STRING>NAME:Wobbly Blood Soaked Hatchet'. You may also change the display name to match this unique name as I have done '<TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Wobbly Blood Soaked Hatchet' as this is what players will see in-game.
iii. Create a new line just before '[/UNIT]' and add '<STRING>ATTACHEDLAYOUT:' along with the path to the layout link we created earlier to this new line.

The last 3 lines of the weapon unit file should look like this if you followed this guide step by step (the code should be "dripgen.layout", the website adds spaces I can not remove, but you must remove them):
<STRING>ATTACHEDLAYOUT:media\particles\dripgen.lay out
You are now ready to start Torchlight and use you new weapon particle effect. Note that elemental effects like ice and fire will still show up alongside any added particle effects if you use this method.
To immediately use the new weapon in-game open up the cheat console and type the NAME of the new weapon, Wobbly Blood Soaked Hatchet. Otherwise just wait for it to show up at random in the game.
If you do not have access to the cheat console, but want access then open (...Application Data\runic games\torchlight\settings.txt) and set 'CONSOLE :1'. Now restart Torchlight and once you select a player and are running around in-game press SHIFT ~ .

[top]5. Adjusting the particle location

You may notice that once you try out your new particle in-game that it is being generated way off in another location, you can correct this.

A. Open the layout link particle (...mods\Particle_Attach_Guide\media\particles\dri pgen.layout) with a simple text editor like NOTEPAD and adjust the X, Y, Z position values (to values generally near zero). This may take several attempts before you get it how you want it to look. Each time just adjust the values, save the file and restart Torchlight...
B. You may also want to go back into the particle editor in TorchED and make adjustments, which is fine and will almost always be needed. In the attachment you will see 2 particle effect files, one labeled "original" which I made available for this guide prior scale, velocity, and angle tweaking for visual adjustments for a final product. I do not want to get into an advanced particle "how to" in this guide.

Ultimately the particle created in this guide isn't the prettiest, but it is kept simple to teach you the basics. I encourage you to make your new item effects uber awesome.
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