How to create new armor skins.

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The purpose of this tutorial is to teach new moders to change or replace existing skins/textures in the game. This could apply to almost anything, but I'm going to focus on re-skinning armor.

1. Find the file!

This can be achieved a few ways, but the easiest is to go to "Computer > HDD C: > Program Files > Runic Games > Torclight > Pak > Wardrobe > Destroyer", and find the texture you want to replace in the game. (You can of course change whatever you want, but for this tutorial I'm using destroyer armor)

For now we are going to use "Destroyer_Chain_shoulder.png", because I have already created this mod, and if you wish to download it and follow along, you can.

First, create a file on your desktop, and name it "Destroyer Blue Re-skin". Inside that, create a series of folders inside the main folder in this order; "Media > Wardrobe > Destroyer".

Copy and paste "Destroyer_Chain_shoulders" from the "Pak" file, into the file named "Destroyer", inside "Destroyer Blue Re-skin > Media > Wardrobe > Destroyer" on your desktop.

Now that we have made a copy, we can edit it (Make sure the name is the same as the original, because if it's not, the game won't detect the new replacement file in the "Mods" folder).

2. Edit it, or replace it!

I'm not going to explain how to create an entirely new texture, and how to refit it onto the model, because not only is it hard, but I lack the general knowledge of how to do it . I would first suggest you download and familiarize yourself with Gimp, as it's a free, and very powerful alternative to Photoshop. If Gimp is too complicated, is a great alternative, and, heaven forbid, you could use MS Paint.

Now, open the image in the "Destroyer Blue Re-skin" folder with your preferred image manipulation software. There are many things you could do, such as add a layer on top of the image, and draw your own new texture, using the base image as a reference. Then, you would delete the bottom layer, and you would end up with a brand new skin.

(I did these in 2 minutes)

But for your fist time, I would suggest doing something simple, such as messing with the alpha, or simply changing a color or two.

Just enough to make a noticeable difference in the game. Now that you have made your changes, save the file (Remember, keep the original's name!).

3. Use it in the game!

Now comes the easy part. First, open up "(Name) > AppData > Roaming > runic games > torchlight > mods", and put the file we have created on our desktop in the folder called "Mods".

Now, all you need to do is start Torchlight, and you should find the new texture has replaced the old one! Hopefully this has shown that anybody can make a simple, yet cool, mod for Torchlight.

Please note that folder locations may vary by operating system. I am running W7 pro, but locations should be similar.

If you find anything wrong in this tutorial, please PM me, and I'll look into it (this is my 9th attempt at posting this guide).

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