How to make a summon skill

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Create a a summon skill is really simple (for me XD). I try to explain how to make it but my English isn't really good, so before all....sorry XD

You must have TorchEd
I make you an exemple so you understand it well. We make a summon skill for a troll.

1 step

Create in your torchlight mod folder a new folder (we call it troll summon). Inside it we create these folders:

media -> skills -> trollsummon (you can call this last folder as you like)
units -> monsters -> EXTroll (you cannot call the folder like one the already exist)

Now if you have TorchED go to its folder then go in media\skills\alchemist\summongolem folder and copy "summongolem.dat" file and "summongolem.layout, summongolem2.layout, summongolem3.layout...summongolem10.layout" files in our media/skills/trollsummon folder and rename they as summontroll.dat and summontroll.layout (you can put the name you want).

2 step

Now go again to TorchED folder in media\units\monsters\Alchemist_Construct and copy "alchemist_construct.dat" and alchemist_construct_mk2.dat (mk 3,4..9 and x) in media\units\monsters\EXTroll.

rename these files (we call it EXTroll, EXTroll2...EXTroll10). Open the first with a notepad program. You can see some different lines, we have to modify some of they.

<STRING>NAME:Alchemic Golem with <STRING>NAME:EXTroll(this is the name of your monster)

<STRING>RESOURCEDIRECTORY:media/models/alchemist_construct with the game folder of the troll, so go to TorchED folder in media\models\troll. Now we modify


with <STRING>RESOURCEDIRECTORY:media/models/troll

and <STRING>MESHFILE:alchemist_Construct with the name of the .mesh file of troll <STRING>MESHFILE:Troll
You can't use the Odrake mesh file (i don't know why QQ)

<TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Alchemic Golem change it with the name you want see in the game <TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:EXTroll

<STRING>UNIT_GUID:-3015820510006275618 with another number. You can put a random number but it MUST be of the same length. This is a main part of this mod don't forget it or your mod never work.

in the lines:
<FLOAT>MINHP:400 <---| these are the max hp of your monster
<FLOAT>MAXHP:400 <---|
<INTEGER>ARMOR:100 <--- this is the def
<INTEGER>MINDAMAGE:70 <---|max and min damage
<FLOAT>WALKINGSPEED:3 <---|walking and running speed of the monter when it follow you
<FLOAT>RUNNINGSPEED:8 <---|I think that 3 walking and 8 running are nice speeds
<FLOAT>SCALE:.8 <--- This is the size of your monster. If you put 1 he have the normal size of is tipe if you put a lesser number (like 0.8) it will be smaller an so if you put an higher number
<INTEGER>MAXIMUM_PET_INSTANCES:1 <--- this is the max number of this monster tha you can have in game at the same time
<INTEGER>ARMOR_ELECTRIC:50 <---| these are the def the monster has against
<INTEGER>ARMOR_FIRE:100 | each element

you can modify the features of you monster
You can also add some skills or effects to your monstersimply adding before the [/UNIT] some lines like:




This are skills take from the ghost, but you can serch in the other monster .dat files the skill you want put on it.

In EXTroll2.dat make the same thing but change the NAME of the moster with EXTroll 2 and so on.

Modify all the 10 .dat files in this way and don't forget to modify the ID number, It MUST be different for each .dat file

3 step
now open the summontroll.layout file with a notepad program. We need only 5 lines

<INTEGER64>ID:-2269123428935921186 <-- 1
<INTEGER64>ID:-2269123428935921186 <---2
<INTEGER64>OBJECTID:-2269123424640953890 <---3
<STRING>NAME:Unit Spawner0
<INTEGER64>ID:-2269123424640953890 <---4
<STRING>RESOURCE:Alchemic Golem <---5

1 and 2 are the same number like 2 and 4, so modify 1 and copy it in 2, after modify 3 and copy it in 4. You can put a random number but it MUST be of the same length and 1-2 and 3-4 MUST be different.
In 5 you have to put the NAME (not displayed) of the lvl 1 monster


Now copy all this (from [Layout] to [/Layout]) in the others summontroll.layout files and change only the NAME of the moster (EXTroll 2, EXTroll 3 and so on)

4 step
Now open summontroll.dat with a notepad and change:

<STRING>NAME:Summon Alchemic Golem
<STRING>NAME:Summon Troll

<TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Summon Alchemical Golem
with the name you like be displayed in the game:

<TRANSLATE>DESCRIPTION:Summon an Alchemical Golem to attack your foes
with a different description
<TRANSLATE>DESCRIPTION:Summon a Troll that help you in battle!

Now the most important part; change the numbers of <INTEGER64>UNIQUE_GUID:7711096251947880926 with others, at random but with the same length like <INTEGER64>UNIQUE_GUID:4568896251566789326. If you don't do this your skill never work and some time it make conflict with the game.

Now we modified each skill's level

<FLOAT>MANACOST:20 <-- this is the mana cost of the skill
<INTEGER>LEVEL_REQUIRED:10 <-- this the level required for the use

we have to modify the FILE line with <STRING>FILE:media/skills/trollsummon/summontroll.layout

in level 2 you can see

<TRANSLATE>DISPLAYNAME:Summon Alchemic Golem MkII <-- the name the skill take at this lvl
<TRANSLATE>DESCRIPTION:Golem upgrade[...] <-- new description
<STRING>FILE:media/skills/alchemist/summongolem/summongolem2.layout (change it like the one before but with summontroll2.layout)
[EFFECTS] <-------|
<STRING>TYPE: DESUMMON MONSTER This is an desummon effect to desummon lvl 1 monster
<STRING>NAME:Alchemic Golem <-- here you have to put the NAME (not displayed) of your lvl 1 monster
[/EFFECTS] <-------|

In [LEVEL3] there are 2 EFFECTS commands to change one with lvl 1 monster NAME and one with lvl 2 moster NAME.

You have to do this with all the levels of the skills and...we finished the troll summon skill
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