How to display all custom classes on the character selection screen

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This a "how to" write-up for manually editing the charactercreate.layout file in the Torchlight 1 game.


The charactercreate.layout file controls what is shown and where on the character creation screen in the game. Almost all custom class mods will therefore provide modified versions of this file, so that the new class will actually show up on the character creation screen.

The trouble starts when you have multiple custom class mods installed. The charactercreate.layout files of each class mod contain their own different layout instructions to display their class, but the game will read only the first charactercreate.layout file it comes across (based on the load-order of your mods) and disregard the others. The result is not all your installed custom classes show up on the character creation screen.

Editing Instructions

1. Make a series of nested folders as follows: [mainfoldername]/media/UI/. Inside the UI folder place a copy of the charactercreate.layout file (I’ve attached one to this article).

2. Open the file in notepad.exe or any text editor. About half-way down the file you'll come across the lines which control the display of the class character icons. They're outlined in the gray box in the pic below.

3. We’re going to be editing the following:

a) the lines shaded green – these are the coordinates for where the icon goes on the screen. So the first set of numbers for the Destroyer, {0,5} controls how far from the right to put it, and the next set, {0,0} controls how far down to put it. Looking at the Vanquisher’s numbers, you can see that her icon also starts 5 points from the right, but is 135 points down.

b) the lines shaded pink – these determine the size of the icon, in this case 128 x 128 for all the character icons.

c) the lines shaded yellow – these determine which icon is actually used. For this tutorial, we’re just going to use one of the standard character icons for the custom class we’re going to insert.

4. First we need to make more room for the additional class icons by decreasing the icon “UnifiedSize” value from 128 to 64 (see the pink shaded line in the pic below). Do this for all the character icons.

5. Next we need to change the spacing of the icons, by playing around with how far right and how far down they go (the lines shaded green). The Destroyer will still start at {0,5},{0,0}, but the Vanquisher will now be at {0,5},{0,70} and the Alchemist at {0,5},{0,140}.

Together with the changes in no.4, what this does is allow the same character selection box to hold a more compressed grid of character icons, like this...

6. Finally we’re ready to start inserting the new lines for the additional custom classes. Basically you’ll just be copy-pasting the blocks of lines from the standard classes and adjusting some more values (see the blue-bordered box in the pic above).

a) Change the Name value to the name of the custom class as it appears in the .dat file of that class (refer to the fist blue-shaded line)

b) Change the UnifiedPosition values for where you want the icon to be on the grid (the green-shaded line)

c) As mentioned, this tut just uses the existing icons from the standard classes. Just make sure your custom class is picking up the standard icon you’d like it to (refer to the yellow-shaded lines).

d) The line for “ID” value (the second blue-shaded line) can actually be deleted. Change the “Tooltip” value to say “Select [name of class]” (refer to the third blue-shaded line).

7. Repeat step six for all custom classes you want to show up on the selection screen.

8. Now put the whole bunch of nested folders (inside and including the [mainfoldername] folder) into your TL mods folder. All the custom classes you added lines for should now show on the character creation screen :)

Attached file: charactercreate.layout.txt

:) END :)

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