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This article offers an example of a workspace when working with TorchED. That is, an efficient directory structure to work from (ex. store project files in, backups). This article is essentially a copy of reference [1] with applications to TorchED, and so all credit is given to the authors of such (see Bibliography).

[top]Section 1: The Directory Structure

The example recommends creating the following directory structure, where the user would store all their work files. There are some complications though: Most of the files the user would be dealing with are files required for the mod; having such files in a directory different than the ...\mods\ directory might not be the idea of efficient to most. Consequently, the following work space suggestion would be more of a backup and host for publications or just general files in this case.

The general philosophy of this idea is covered in the following page of a Blender (3D modelling software) manual:


Create the folder "TorchED" in your harddrive directory. For example, create C:\TorchED\.

Create the following subdirectories:
  • \bin\ (optional)
  • \examples\
  • \lib\
    • \mesh\
    • \pic\
    • \tex\
  • \man\
  • \play\
  • \script\ (optional)
  • \tmp\
  • \tut\
  • \util\ (optional)
  • \work\

[top]Section 2: Explanation of the Directories

It is a good idea to have subfolders within these when appropriate to be better organized. For example, the \work\ directory would benefit by having a subdirectory for each separate project.
  • \bin\
    • For storing various binaries (installation .exe's) or add-ons for TorchED. It is probably very unlikely that you will encounter a need for this folder.
  • \examples\
    • For storing work done by others; a reference to such. For example, one would put TorchED "templates" here.
  • \lib\
    • (Library.) A library for general reference material. Specifically, meshes (mesh), pictures (pic), and textures (tex). For some TorchED users, this would be used very heavily. Of course, they might prefer to use their work spaces for the programs they use for these items.
  • \man\
    • (Manuals.) For manuals and how-to's (including ones you might have created for future reference).
  • \play\
    • For any projects you have with TorchED that are not yet published. Even if they might be serious, still use this over the \work\ directory.
    • Since basically (if not) all the files you make with TorchED you will want in the ...\mods\ directory, you might not need this folder. However, you might use it for backups, for example. Of course, it would be useful for tutorial projects that you might plan on publishing to help the modding community!
  • \script\
    • For scripts not distributed with TorchED. It is unlikely you will have need for this folder.
  • \tmp\
    • (Temporary.) A folder to put things in temporarily.
  • \tut\
    • A folder for various tutorials you might have found.
    • (Tutorial.) It would be a good habbit to start to download any tutorials you had encountered that you found useful. For example, it is not guaranteed that these tutorials will be hosted on the internet forever -- it is actually unlikely. Also, offline reference is handy.
  • \util\
    • (Utility.) For general utilies to work with TorchED. You likely will not need this.
  • \work\
    • The most import one! Essentially, a storage for all your published, certain-to-be published, or more formal projects (cool!) with TorchED. It would also be handy as a backup for all your various versions of a mod you might have released.


The following citations are done in "Chicago Style" formatting.
  1. "Configure your Blender," accessed June 12, 2012, last modified March 22, 2012, http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Do.../Configuration.


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