The Outlander is one of the four character classes available in Torchlight II.

"The Empire would like to pretend people like me don't exist - and yet, here I am."



Born to roam, Outlanders are the vagabond adventurers of the world. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and even races - but all share a lust for travel and excitement, an appreciation of eldritch lore, and an appetite for danger.

Outlanders personify the nomadic impulse. They travel the world in search of forgotten artifacts and forbidden knowledge - the more perilous the quest, the better! However, because they often have few qualms about acquiring what they desire by any means necessary, most civilized folk see them as renegades at best, and outlaws at worst. After all, while Outlanders are among the most skilled and daring explorers the world has to offer, they are hardly a formal organization; anyone can become an Outlander. A great many began their adventuring careers as thieves, swindlers, brigands, pirates, and even murderers - and old habits can die hard.

The strength of the Outlanders lies in the vast body of lore they have collected - and which they have passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, and master to apprentice for hundreds of years, in the form of specialized magical training, sophisticated fighting techniques, and the odd ancient relic. They also go to great lengths to study the magical and martial arts of various races - from Estherian thaumaturgy to Zeraphi alchemy - and have even traded with monsters for the secrets of their crafts: learning incantations from goblin chanters and rune magic from the enigmatic Varkolyn.

Even so, all of that knowledge and nifty magical gear is only useful if the Outlander survives long enough to use it, so Outlanders also undergo intense training to be as fast, fit, and nimble as possible. A good Outlander will tumble through scores of opponents, herding them together for an attack with their deadly throwing glaive. A good rifle or a pistol might be handy in a tussle, but, when the odds are against them, every Outlander knows that whirling blade of razor-sharp death is her best friend in the whole wide world.

The Outlander's throwing glaive defines her role in combat: Speed, skill, and long-range accuracy - paired with the arcane knowledge to make every attack as lethal as it gets!


He is described as kind of a Dune Fremen sort of character, someone who's on the fringe and has survivalist tendencies, various facility with ranged weapons and low magic. [1]

The Outlander has acrobatic skills that dance around enemy, in contrast to the Engineer who jumps into the fray. Most of the class' abilities centered around a Glaive. [2]

[top]Charge Mechanic

This is a description of the Outlander's Charge Mechanic:
(note: Enemy has been hit one time, hence 1% change)


Every class in Torchlight II has 21 actives and 9 passives adding up to 30 skills total spread across 3 Panes evenly.

The Outlander's panes focuses around the war waging Warfare Pane, the Outlander roots in the Lore Pane, and the spiritual in the Sigil Pane. All three contain elements tied to the Outlander's Nomadic nature.



The basic fighting technique is simply 'run and gun' your opponents. However, this strategy does not always work on difficult modes, such as Veteran or Elite, nor is it particularly enjoyable.
So, here are some alternatives.
Common skills used to remedy this are the Lore skills Bramble Wall and Tangling Shot, both repelling opponents or immobilizing them for a short duration. Both will help keep your combat area clear of mobs, allowing easier escape, or simply a more effective way of fighting an opponent. Other, must-have skills are passives Long Range Mastery and Dodge Mastery. Both improve the long-range attribute of the Outlander, the dodge ability reducing damage received, and the long range ability adding 30% damage to long range weapons and 5 meters of range at it's peak.
The Lore skill Glaive Throw is often used to eliminate multiple opponents, as the glaive ricochets off solid objects, damaging all that it hits. The thrown glaive will rebound four times at peak.

Aside from these basic and common skills above, other passive skills, such as Sigil skill Master of the Elements, and Lore skills Share the Wealth and Poison Burst, are extremely helpful dealing damage to your opponents without having to cast new spells or skills, thereby saving mana. The links above under Skills have more details on the exact consequences of each skill. To be brief, each allows you to deal more damage...if you know how to use them right. With Outlanders, it is advisable for beginners to focus on dealing the most damage in the shortest amount of time at the longest range, an idea that favors crossbows and skills that increase range and the amount of targets hit at once. More advanced users often create dual-wielding pistol characters or Shotgonne users. Remember, you never really know if your character build was a success or failure until ~level 50. (Unless, of course, you find you simply can't kill anything at level 49. In which case, I recommend that you start again, or respec your character. Instructions are found here.
And, instead of going through the countless possibilities of how to build your character, you can find builds on the bottom of the page of the Official Torchlight II Armory, found here. The page includes a skill calculator, which calculates the attributes of the Outlander's skills at any level, and strength, dexterity, focus, and vitality amount to determine the ultimate outcome of a given setup at any level between one and one hundred.

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