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Torchlight II will launch with a larger variety of pets than its predecessor. Returning from Torchlight is the Ferret with his googles. Returning from TL360 is the Chakawary(which was designed for Torchlight 2, but given to 360 players as an exclusive for their version of Torchlight 1). New to Torchlight 2 is the Bulldog, the Hawk, the Panther, and the Cat. The Wolf resembles the Wolf/Dog of Torchlight 1. Announced at PAX EAST 2012, Falcor[1] has joined the*fray.*

Apart from doing the same tasks as in Torchlight 1, attacking, learning spells, getting transformed by eating fish, picking up loot if you direct it to, being extra storage space, and vendoring off unwanted loot for you, so you can continue dungeoning. *The pet will now have a shopping list feature in which during its vendor runs, it will return with the items you request, these items are likely potions and scrolls.[1]

Video introducing the new pets of Torchlight 2

[top]The Pets

[top]The Bulldog

In homage to Erich Schaefer's bulldog "Bud," we present the Winston Churchill of pooches - solid, tough, and a formidable foe to all who fear slobber. You see that underbite? Does he file those things or what! The Bulldog, valiant in battle, will always have your back.

[top]The Cat

Know what we love? Kittehs. Kittehs are now up in your Torchlight II, carryin' yer lootz. This tabby may look like an innocent lap-warmer, but get her into battle and the fur starts to fly. Rowr!

[top]The Chakawary

Like a creation from the Island of Dr. Moreau, the Chakawary is a mysterious hybrid straight from the world of Torchlight. The Chakawary is best described as a Velociraptor crossed with a Cassowary. Native to the foothills around the Estherian Enclave, the Chakawary is especially suited for tearing apart some jellies, spiders, and dwarves.


The master of the meetings, the walker of the Wonders, Falcor. No more need be said. Falcor is Wonder's Dog and the office pet. Falcor is usually seen in videos that feature the Runic Office.[2]

[top]The Ferret

The ferret was originally exclusive to the box version of Torchlight, though our clever modding community soon found a way to include his sheer adooooorableness. Don't be fooled by his size, the clever ferret is as fierce as a honey badger. With goggles. Due to overwhelming popular demand, the Ferret returns for all in Torchlight II.

[top]The Hawk

The Hawk soars above you, keeping watch on the passes ahead, and dive-bombing monsters with her vicious talons. Few things say "don't mess with me" like raptor who can tear your face off.

[top]The Panther

Poet Ogden Nash once opined, "if called by a panther, don't anther," and that's good advice for your enemies. Sleek, feral, intimidating, the Panther melts into the shadows and pounces on corrupt undead when they least expect it.

[top]The Wolf

Inspired by the original 'Dog' pet of Torchlight, we went for bigger, better, and more badasser (that's totally a word). The Wolf is an all-new pet, brawnier and bigger than its domesticated cousin. Leaving paw-prints like dinner plates, man's best friend is also a Sturmbeorn's worst nightmare.

[top]Pets from Patch 1.17

[top]The Badger

An omnivore, this badger is also hungry for blood.

[top]The Owl

Unlike other owls who are solitary and nocturnal, this owl has found a companion in you, and will fight with you as he dives at your foes.
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