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Skill Tiers were added due to community feedback about there not being enough incentive to level up skills. As a result, after beta ended the skill system went through a revamp, introducing the Tiers System.

As players level up skills every 5 levels, the skill unlocks a new effects, aside from the statistical upgrade. These effects range from adding additional projectiles to adding a poison gas cloud to the area of effect.

eT4o7.png-et4o7-pngBramble Wall Tooltip
w7qWP.jpg-w7qwp-jpgBramble Wall Progression
An example would be Bramble Wall:

The base skill is a wall of thorned vines that prevent foes from approaching the player

At Tier 1 (Rank 5):
The skill has an added effect of causing damage as the vines raise.

At Tier 2 (Rank 10):
The vine's length is increased.

At Tier 3 (Rank 15):
The vines exude poison gas

Every skill, not just the Outlander's Bramble Wall skill has tiers, with the exception of spells learned by scrolls and passive skills. Each tier will significantly increase the power of the skill, adding about 15% effect per tier to any skill, on average.

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