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[top]Before Torchlight II

The Alchemist was one of the three heroes that braved the*labyrinths*and caverns beneath Torchlight, and destroyed Ordrak. However, he was not cured of his Ember Blight(as we may have believed, this aspect of the story may have been retconned, so that each character of the first Torchlight played a different role).

Never cured of his Ember Blight, the Alchemist began to research the Blight. The deeper he went, the more he realizes that*thousands of people are killed every year by the Blight, and no one realized or was doing anything about it.*He determines that since the Blight was caused by Ember, then the only way to stop it from spreading would be to destroy all the known ember in existence. It seemed like an impossible task, but the Alchemist realized that if he could channel the power of Ordrak's Heart he could possibly wipe out ember from existence and save lives. The Alchemist constructed a staff to channel the power of Ordrak's Heart, but it wasn't enough to protect him from the corruption, so he constructed a special set of armor to shield himself from Ordrak's Corruption.

Having constructed the staff and armor, the Alchemist needed enough energy to increase the power of Ordrak's Heart. He decides to draw this energy from the Elemental Guardians. However, unsure if drawing all this energy from a single Guardian would kill the Guardian in the process, and cause the element associated with Guardian to run amok, he decides to spread this "donation" across multiple guardians.

[top]Torchlight II

The Alchemist enters the lair of Ordrak beneath Torchlight to obtain Ordrak's Heart. Upon exiting the mine, the Alchemist is confronted by Syl and a group of Vanquishers, a battle ensues. Soon after, the Destroyer and your character arrive in Torchlight where your character is knocked out of the action by one of the Alchemist's attacks. The Destroyer rushes in to engage the Alchemist; the Destroyer and the Alchemist lock fists and Syl seizes the opportunity to charge up an attack. Syl's attack knocks the Alchemist back. For a moment the Alchemist looked as if he was defeated; Syl and the Destroyer lower their guard. The Alchemist emerges from the cloud of dust and strikes Syl with a bolt attack knocking her as far as the "Torchlight" in the town, breaking it on impact. Syl's fate is unkown, as her body lies in Torchlight almost lifeless. A similar attack is pulled on the Destroyer as he gapes in horror, sending the destroyer out of Torchlight as well. However, the Destroyer survives, and gives you your first quest upon entrance to the game. The Alchemist continues on his rampage destroying Torchlight.

After obtaining Ordrak's Heart, the Alchemist drains energy from the Water Guardian and the Guardian of the Wild, spreading the corruption in the process.

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