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Last Update: August 14, 2012 - Major Update and re-organization

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[top]Basic Questions

[top]When will it be released?

Torchlight II is set to be released on September 20th, 2012.

[top]What platforms will it be released on?

Torchlight II will be released first on PC, and then will be ported to Mac OS soon after the initial release bugs are squashed and the modding tools are released. If you purchased the Steam version of Torchlight II you will be able to play both versus without any additional purchases.

[top]What distributors/versions are there?

Currently there are only two known versions: The Runic Games version and the Steam version. The Runic version is available from Perfect World or (at release) from Runic Games directly. All other distributors are selling the Steam version of the game. Full details on pre-orders can be found here. There will also be German and Russian boxed versions in parts of Europe. Current generation consoles will not see a Torchlight 2 release, as they do not have the hardware capabilities (RAM and Graphics memory mainly) to run the software.

[top]How much does it cost?

Torchlight II costs $19.99 USD, and a similar price for other currencies.

[top]Will there be a beta?

The one and only beta has already come and gone, ending in May of this years (2012). There will be no more betas as it slows down production on the game while it is running.

[top]What kind of multiplayer is there?

Torchlight II includes Peer to Peer connections between players over the internet or LAN. Runic's server works by acting as a match-making service, connecting players to each other, at which point they no longer rely on the match-making server to play with each other. There are no dedicated servers with server-only side saves. More details in the detailed answers section below.

[top]What's changed from the first Torchlight?

To summarize, Torchlight 2 introduces four new classes, character customizations (including face, hair, gender, and pet skins), many new pets, an improved skill system, an extensive world roughly four times the size of Torchlight 1's dungeons, highly improved itemization, New Game+ and numerous other enhancements.

[top]Will I be able to use my old characters or mods?

No. The original three classes are not playable in Torchlight II, as they show up as NPCs in the game's story. Torchlight 1 mods will not work in Torchlight II for multiple technical reasons.

[top]Advanced Questions

[top]General Questions

[top]What are the system requirements?

The system requirements according to Steam as as follows:
OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: x86-compatible 1.4GHz or faster processor
Memory: 1GB System RAM
Hard Disk Space: 1.2GB free space (subject to change)
Video Card: DirectX compatible 3D graphics card with at least 256MB of addressable memory.
DirectX®: 9.0c

[top]I heard that Torchlight 2 won't be ported to the XBox360/XBLA?

To try to keep a technical explanation simple, Torchlight 1 for the PC required 512 MB of RAM and 64 MB of dedicated Graphics memory. This is less memory than exists on either the XBox 360 or the Playstation 3. For the XBLA port of Torchlight 1 they had to seriously revamp the game to optimize it to the point so that it could just barely fit under the system's hardware limits. In Torchlight 2's case, which has those optimizations built in already, it is already using more RAM than Torchlight 1, and because of that Runic Games has stated that if they were to port the game to any console it would require a lot of work to even attempt to get it to work.

However, by the time the next generation consoles are released it may once again be feasible to port Torchlight 2, so we'll probably get a final word around that time.

[top]Will manual stats return? Will the bonuses be revised for stats?

Manually assigned stat points will return, this time with some changes to make some take the place of passive skills, and to provide other bonuses.

[top]Is this the MMO or an expansion?

No, this is not the Torchlight MMO. This is a full-fledged sequel, with new areas, new classes, a new story, and more. Don't forget Multiplayer! It will not require Torchlight I to function. The Torchlight MMO will still be released some time after Torchlight II.

[top]Will there be an Expansion or DLC for Torchlight 2?

What happens after Torchlight 2 is released will depend entirely on the initial launch's success. DLC has already been said to not be planned, because it would not be profitable to make something that can be simply modded in for free. An expansion is possible, which could introduce things that are not possible without hardcoded changes, but this will not be determined until after Torchlight 2 is released on the PC and Mac.

[top]How big will the game be?

Torchlight II, for one play-through, will be roughly four times as long as the first game. Playing through once will take an estimated 30 hours, depending on the difficulty level chosen.

[top]What do the day/night cycles and weather do?

Certain areas will have themes that will load when you enter the area, which will determine the time of day and weather. These themes can cause many things to happen, such as different quest events, or different monsters appearing.

[top]New or Revamped Features

[top]What classes are there?

The Torchlight 2 classes are as follows:
  • Engineer (formerly the Railman) - Wears an ember-powered armored suit, which builds up charges by smacking things and can power up attacks.
  • Berserker - Fast, furious, and partially insane, this class is damage dealing melee attacker.
  • Embermage - The caster class, who simulates the power of ember to create elemental attacks.
  • Outlander - The wanderer, a ranged class with various crowd control abilities.

[top]What pets are in the game?

The officially announced pets as of today are:
  • Ferret
  • Chakawary
  • Cat (Not the original Lynx animal from Torchlight 1)
  • Bulldog
  • Hawk
  • Panther
  • Wolf (Also not the dog from the original Torchlight)
  • Falcor

While the basic pet mechanics are still in place, there are now additional options to allow you to make a pet go to town to purchase items and bring them back to you. No more getting stuck in a dungeon without a town portal scroll!

[top]Will there be respecs?

There is an NPC in the game that allows you to respec your last three skill points. If you want to respec freely there will be mods that allow for that, similar to the first game.

[top]Will there be alternate resource mechanics?

Yes! All classes are being developed with some kind of charge mechanic. The Engineer class builds charges by attacking enemies, which then can be used with skills or special attacks. The Berserker is planned to attack things until it builds itself into a frenzy, which results in faster attacks and more critical hits for a limited time. The Embermage may cast spells until she hits a trance state, at which point all skills costs half mana and have zero casting recovery time. There is no word on the Outlander's charge mechanic, and none of these are finalized.

[top]Will there be enchanting? Will it be the same?

Enchanting has been entirely overhauled. Now enchant wiping only happens when you pay an enchanter to purposely clear out your enchantments on an item, and it leaves the original enchantments. The number of enchants per item has been limited, and there are multiple enchanters who have different capabilities within the game.

[top]Will the class or skill system be changed?

Yes, the skill system has been revamped so that every active skill has essentially four permutations - the base skill and then three unlocked enhancements that add on to the base skill. For example (purely theoretical): You could have a basic fireball skill, which after five skill points unlocks fireballs that explode on contact. Five more points into that skill could unlock an after-effect that leaves a DoT burning effect wherever a fireball explodes. Finally, maxing the skill could unlock multiple fireballs. Again, this is just a theoretical example to explain how the new skill system works. This is in addition to the regular stat increases each skill gains for each point you put into it.

[top]Will the spell scroll system be changed?

The spell scrolls will make a comeback in Torchlight 2, but this time with an effort to make them more useful, especially later on in the game. It is also expected that most of the spells that would be useful for a party will be in the Spell system as opposed to being tied to a class' skills. There are now four spell slots for both the character and the pet. Many of the passive skills from the original game now appear as passive effect skill scrolls that can be equipped.

[top]What are the features of the overworld?

The player will move through at least three distinct geographical areas, each with its own hub town. The world will include large outdoor areas, which will be randomized at the start of each game, but remain constant throughout that character's game. The overworld is said to include more side paths than the linear levels of the first Torchlight. Random dungeons and random events - such as coming across a caravan being attacked - are planned. The outdoor areas are divided into large, wide zones, and small "passes" that connect the zones.

[top]Will there be another endless dungeon?

No, it has been replaced by New Game+, and special map-scroll related dungeons. New Game+ is the equivalent or Diablo's Nightmare and Hell modes, with some significant differences. First of all, playing through in New Game+ mode unlocks new content, such as new areas and content. You can play through New Game+ several times, allowing you to reach the highest tier level items and continue to replay the game. In addition, there are map scrolls available that contain randomized dungeons with bosses, for players to play through together.

[top]Has the inventory system changed?

Although it was originally announced that a bag system would be implemented, it was tried and found to not be as much fun as expected. Instead, inventories have been made much larger, and now divide into Equipment, Consumables, and Spells. Equipment includes all weapons and armor and other valuable loot. Consumables include potions and fish. Spells obvious include spell scrolls. This is duplicated for your pet.

[top]What else has been improved?

Dual Wielding has received some significant bonuses, including a special mechanic known as Execute. When you have two of the same type of items equipped you have a chance that you will strike using both weapons at the same time, for combined damage. The chance of this happening can be increased via certain passive skills, and possibly by a passive spell scroll bonus.

Additionally, weapons themselves have varying degrees of splash damage. Some weapons are focused on hitting single targets quickly or from a distance, while others gain splash damage. For example, claws are fast and hit single targets, while a large axe may hit a wide range of enemies for higher damage at a slower pace.

[top]Multiplayer Questions

[top]What is the maximum number of characters in a multi-player game?

The current player limit is six, but with modding it will be possible to raise the number of players to as many as you want (hardware and software limitations aside).

[top]Will there be PvP?

PvP is in the game as a flag that a player can set by typing in a command. For two players to duel both must turn the PvP flag on.

[top]Will there be ladders?

Unlikely, as staircases provide the same function and don't require extra character animation to accomplish. Ohhh you mean ladders, as in a ranking of players based on things like level, experience, gold, etc? No, because it would be too easy to mod an exploit or hack a character save since the character saves are local-only.

[top]Will there be item trading between players?

Yes! An item trading interface has been officially implemented.

[top]How will item drops work?

Each player has their own item drops, which will not be visible by others. Items dropped from your inventory become open to everyone. [1]

[top]How will mods be handled for online play?

Final details on how modding will work will come by release, but this is what we know: There will be an in-game interface of some sort to let you choose what mods are enabled or disabled. It will be possible to turn on or off mods when choosing a multiplayer game to join, possibly requiring a restart if necessary. Steps have been taken to make sure the game should not crash if a mod is disabled or removed that is necessary for it to load. Mods will not be hosted by Runic, and will instead be hosted by the fans (you can find them here on RGF!), and there will be no form of mod transfer directly between players, likely for security reasons.

[top]Will monsters become more difficult or appear in larger numbers with more players?

Monsters will become more difficult depending on the proximity of players in-game. Being in different acts or areas will not affect difficulty, but being within range to join a battle definitely will make things scale.

[top]Other Questions

[top]What will the level cap be?

Level 100, although this can be modded as high as you want.

[top]What level will the campaign go up to?

It is estimated that you will be around level 50 when you beat the game, with items appropriate for your level all the way until the end of the game, and additional unique item tiers beyond in New Game+ mode.

[top]Will there be destructible environments?

Runic Games has talked a lot about it internally, and its something they would like to do. [1] In the Gamescom trailer there are destructible barricades[2], and in a forum response Lead Level Designer Patrick Blank commented that they are trying new things with destructible items this time. [3]

[top]Will there be achievements?

Yes, but only for the Steam version of the game.

[top]Will there be mods?

You better believe it! Once again Runic is releasing their development tools for modders to create new content or alter existing content. You will only be able to play multiplayer with mods installed if you all have the save mods installed at the same time.

[top]Will mods be easier to remove without potentially crashing the game?

Yes, steps are being taken to make sure mods don't break the game.

[top]Physics Engine? Yes? No?


[top]Will there be graphical improvements?

Some, yes! The engine running Torchlight II is newer and improved from the original engine.

[top]Will there be new music?

Matt Uelmen will return with new music, including a session with a live orchestra recorded in August 2010 in Bratislava. [4][5]

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