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The Vanquisher
Class Information
Class Type:Mixed Ranged
Theme:Undercover guard
Voiced by:Lani Minella[]
The Vanquisher is one of three classes in Torchlight. This undercover member of the elite capital city guard arrives in Torchlight disguised as a swashbuckling mercenary.

She is a mixed-ranged class who also has the ability to use traps. She is adept at using muskets, pistols, bows and swords, as well as her unique arm canons, which fire explosive shots. [,2.shtml]

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[top]Class basics

  • Vanquishers start the game with 200 health and 20 mana.
  • Each level adds 40 health and 5 mana.


Part of an ancient order dedicated to justice and bringing balance to the world, the Vanquisher was sent out to Torchlight to investigate the mysterious slayings and missing town folks. Unknown to her, the darkness below the small town of Torchlight runs far deeper than the mines beneath. As an expert marksman, the Vanquisher is able to take enemies from afar as well as use traps to confuse and deliberate her foes from all directions.

The flow of Ember and the darkness below will test the Vanquisher?s skill and conviction to the fullest. []


The Vanquisher's outfit usually includes a characteristic skirt. Her armor sets go through several styles as she progresses: she starts as a low-level member of the royal guard, then switches to different types of adventurer/swashbuckler garb, and finally returns to her elite "Vanquisher" roots towards the end. []


For the full skill tree, Vanquisher Skills
The Vanquisher's class skills come in three skill trees: Marksman, Rogue and Arbiter.
  • The Marksman tree includes attacks that depend on ranged weapons.
  • The Rogue tree uses melee and area attacks that depend on stats, not the equipped weapon.
  • The Arbiter tree concentrates on summoned traps.


Lani Minella has done voice work with the Ex-Blizzard North employees on both iterations of Diablo.

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