The Zeraphi are one of the four oldest races in the Torchlight Universe. They flourished after the dwarves faded away. Zeraphi are the masters of Alchemy, while Estherians are masters of elementalism. Because of their mastery of alchemy arts, they devised a form of immortality through the medium of "soul suits." These soul suits contain their spirits after they die; thus, there are no living Zeraphi, just immortal spirits encased in Alchemic Armor called soul suits.

The process of immortality involved the use of ember which alarmed the Estherians. Knowing the it was the misuse of ember that led the dwarves to ruin, the Estherians tried to warn the Zeraphi, but they ignored their warnings. The Estherians and the Zeraphi clashed.

[top]Cultural Rift

During the conflict between the Estherians and Zeraphi, the Estherians decided to withdraw from the conflict. However, The Zeraphi were divided on their next course of action, some wanted to declare a cease-fire and continue their research for immortality, and others wanted to pursue the retreating Estherians. As a result this created a cultural rift, the "hawks" becoming the Ember Fueled Ezrohir, and the "doves" finding safer ways to achieve immortality.

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