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    Master of Ranged/Magical Combat

    The Alchemist...a great class.

    1. He gets loads of Mana (which he needs badly)
    2. He gets loads of magic using skills (Emberstrike, Pyre, his Summon skills, and Ember Sentry to name a few)
    3. He has defensive skills too (Ember Phase and Ember Shield)
    4. He is one of the two original classes to use ranged weapons effectively
    5. Gets the most minions and Pet Mastery early

    1. He does not get a high HP (him and Vanquishers start at 200, Destroyers start at 300)
    2. Not very strong physically (if a class requires a martial weapon i.e. Demonologist's Tiamat Claw skill)
    3. Many of the passive skills are given later in the class after you need them
    4. Doesn't massively damage enemies on his own (negated by Pro #5) >
    3 WIPs:FIXING PotionMasterModv7, perfecting the FFItemsPack

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    Re: Master of Ranged/Magical Combat

    I think he does great dmg as long as you have a weapon with enough magic dmg and up magic stats.

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    Re: Master of Ranged/Magical Combat

    The alchemist is a badass!
    Pyre + Ember Lance is a real killer so to speak.
    With mana drain weapon and good enough regen you can go about hardly using any mana-potions at all to some point.

    I'm having a blast with my alchemist. Might post my build later on. But it's my first char so it's basically just a test. But it works wonderful.

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