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    class mods and version 1.15

    Has anyone been playing with a class mod in version 1.15 that:

    -correctly adds a new class to the new character screen
    -does NOT conflict with spell mods, merchant mods, enchanting mods, or quest reward mods.
    -is actually different enough to warrant another playthrough of the game with.

    so far, I can't find any that work correctly.

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    Re: class mods and version 1.15

    Seeing this now after the other one I already replied to while I was at work. I'm finding it weird that you haven't managed to install any class mods with Torchlight 1.15 manually or with HotSpot that showed up correctly in the menu. Torchlight 1.15 was the update that fixed it so we could edit the character creation screen. With very few exceptions (that santa claus mod being the one in my mind) almost every mod I've seen at the very least will alter the character screen screen to show the original 3 classes and the new class - although it will conflict with any other pet or class mod that has its own menu.

    The second thing too, seems a bit odd, because while some class mods do change the spells and merchants and even enchanting, quests, potions, etc, most don't and shouldn't conflict.

    So we can help to solve your problems in general, could you post a list of every mod installed into your mods folder? That should help to at the very least figure out what is giving you all these problems. Also, it would be useful to know what distributor you got your version of Torchlight from (Runic, Perfect World, Boxed, Steam, Direct2Drive, etc etc) to see if you are patched correctly. Oh, and language version would also be useful to know, as some languages don't work well with class mods.

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