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    Creating a new Dungeon from scratch


    I just went through the New Dungeon Tutorial on the docs folder from torchED.

    Altough is it clear on how to create a new dungeon from cloning an existing one, I am having difficulties to understand how it works if I want to create one from scratch.

    I mean, what is the preferred order of creation, do I create the new dungeon with for example 2 strats, and then right away, a new set of rules ?

    Once new new dungeon it's created, the level editor is it editing over the new dungeon already or do I have to do something special ?

    The tutorial its Ok, but maybe we need some guidelines or better practices in order to create a new empty dungeon and develop it from there. Let's say one example for a standard dungeon and another example for a randomized dungeon.

    This guideline would be helpful since would put together few basic concepts that already described separately, such dungeon creation, rules set creation, room creation and modification, etc..... in the particular order that's best for the task of building a complete new dungeon

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    Re: Creating a new Dungeon from scratch

    I'm still figuring this stuff out myself, so I can't give you answers yet ^_^;

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