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    Need help with running multi. mod classes

    I have about 9 mod'ed classes, and only the Necromancer will work. I have spliced Charactercreate.layout files into one, and left it in the Necromancer's folder. Now I can see all the icons for all the classes, but when I click on one other then the Org. 3, and the Necromancer the game crashes. I feel I have taken a step closer to my target, but its still out-o-sight.

    Do I need to move this... uber Charactercreate.layout somewhere else, or am I missing something?

    Any help would be great as I am at a total loss.

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    Re: Need help with running multi. mod classes

    There are mods out there that does this already. How about looking and seeing how they managed it? ... s/node/389

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