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    Pet actually DIED

    Hi all you modders out there.

    My question is simple: Is it possible to bring my pet back alive?
    This has happened only once and I believe it's because of Big Troll Fish that I fed to my pet and as he died he actually died. I think this troll fish is from a mod but why did the pet die? I've been waiting more than an hour but it still appears as a troll lying on the ground. Even the pet info on the upper left part of screen isn't showing.

    Help me please if you can.

    Ps. Don't feed your pet with troll fish...

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    Re: Pet actually DIED

    I answered this in the other post, but this is definitely a bug. I seem to recall the other reports involving the Troll fish as well though. Is its health bar always at Zero? Does anything change if you give it a potion or a different fish?

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